Grotto’s a no-go: Kildare’s up for grabs

Melisa Soysal Kildares
Melisa Soysal/THE REVIEW
Interest in the Kildare’s location has increased in the last few weeks, broker Chuck White said.


Since Kildare’s Irish Pub left the Main Street Galleria, there has been a significant amount of interest from potential tenants for the space.

Among these potential lessees, is Grotto Pizza, broker Chuck White of White Realty Associates for the Galleria, said.

While rumors had been circulating of a Grotto’s expansion this semester, Director of Marketing for Grotto Pizza Inc. Vinnie DiNatale said the Newark location will not take over the Kildare’s space.

“[The proposal] was reviewed several weeks ago and just wasn’t a fit for us,” DiNatale said.

He said company executives had looked over the proposal that had been presented to them by White Realty and decided not to go ahead with the expansion.

White, however, said a decision from Grotto’s was imminent, seemingly unaware that the restaurant chain had chosen to pass on the space. He said he is waiting to hear from the establishment.

Despite this though, White said there are other restaurants including a breakfast shop, a drugstore and a non-retail establishment that have expressed interest. He also said there has been an increase in interest in the space during recent months since it became available this summer.

The space is still on the market, he said, so interested parties can continue to submit applications to move into the storefront.

White expects an agreement to be solidified by the end of the year.

“The first qualified tenant we have, we’re going to sign.”

When asked what Main Street needs, students mentioned a 24-hour ice cream parlor, a quality health food place or another bar—anything but another Mexican place seemed to be the consensus.

While Newark has numerous pub-style restaurants and sports-esque restaurants, a more modern, “almost futuristic,” bar is what sophomore J-V Pellettiere and juniors Ian Pollack and Nick McCollough think would be a good addition.

“A modern, more club-like bar,” McCollough said. “Something different than your average bar on Main Street, something new is what I want to see.”

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