Hangover recovery foods for woke vegans

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With options like coffee, bagels and smoothies, healthy hangover food does not have to be boring.

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After a fun night out, the revival process may seem like the perfect time to dive into the comfort foods that you know you will regret later on in the day. Of course, like in other facets of life, there are options as to what you can eat to fully recover from the fuzzy feeling that persists. Here are our suggestions.

A staple of the hangover meal is coffee. Its aroma, heat and flavor are able to bring the hungover soul back to its life. It also stifles the residual smell of alcohol that may be wafting from your breath.

To accompany the breakfast staple, a twist on another morning favorite could become a new addition to the morning-after feast. A bagel with veggie sausages, onions, tofu, hash browns, vegan cheese and any preferred spices has the ability to fill your stomach and make your insides stop moving around uncomfortably.

There is also the option of a variety of toast toppings. You can have hummus, peanut butter, almond butter or pesto as a base, then add toppings such as bananas, strawberries, avocados, blueberries, pistachios and walnuts, to name a few options.

Of course, a finishing touch is never lost on the sweet tooth or the health nut. Chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon and more can all add a little something special to the overall taste of your hangover toast. The type of bread you use can be as varied as the toppings themselves. Options of bread types range from crispbread to sourdough. The fun part about this meal is the freedom to mix and match what your palate most desires on your day of rest.

There are countless ways of making these fun toasts, but fruit smoothies can also stimulate your creative side. Almond, soy and cashew milk mix well with large array of rainbow-colored foods. Strawberries, pears, kiwis, blueberries and so many more fruits blend to create a healthy, filling and delicious drink that could soothe your throat and hungry belly. You could even satisfy your sweet tooth by adding some cane sugar or chocolate chips to the mix.

These vegan hangover options should revive you in no time. Plus, they’re fun and have so much variation that you can try a new version every time you decide to go wild. This is your moment to seize the next day in a healthy, sustainable way.

Editor’s Note: The writer of this article is under the age of 21. The consumption or possession of alcohol, however, was neither used nor required to write the article. The Review does not support underage drinking.

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