Hidden Newark: Main Street and beyond


Whether you stay on Main Street or stray off-campus, there are plenty of restaurants and hidden treasures in Newark.

Free sales tax, I love you—but are you all there is to love in this cozy town? I hope not. Rather, I know not.

Shipped from the big city of New York, Newark seems wrapped up in university life and not much else—but this is blindness!

Newark’s hidden treasures lie not just on Main Street but beyond. First, let’s walk down Main Street.

Newark Deli and Bagels may not be a “New York bagel,” but trust me, this place feels like home on a Saturday morning with its familiar green walls and pajama-clad line out the door.

Home to my favorite smoothie, Central Perk hides treasures of its own in the back left desk drawer. Dozens of notes with confessions or heartwarming and hilarious sayings fill the drawer. Who put them there? Who knows! But why question these magical reads?

Across the street, go through the glass doors and up the stairs. Looking for some peace and quiet? Brew HaHa! is there for you. Order a toffee blonde. Joke with the barista—friendliness is what keeps this place open. Be sure to check out the student artwork lining the walls for sale—our university is oozing with talent!

Wait, what’s this staircase next to National 5 & 10? Brewed Awakenings. Talk about cozy! The handful of tables in this café actually makes it a family setting! Order their famous chicken mango wrap, you won’t regret it.

Klondike Kate’s is rumored to have a back wall of receipts scrawled with phone numbers and “call me” encouragements from flirty customers to cute waiters and waitresses. Maybe the guests come back for more than just Nacho Tuesday!

Home Grown Café, nuzzled behind its red awning, offers cozy outdoor and indoor seating while serving delicious organic food. They have live local bands playing from Wednesday to Saturday, starting at 10 p.m. and running until closing time every week. Hey, if you’re into it, you can work out a time to claim the stage!

Not satisfied?

Sunset views are hard to miss from the Newark Reservoir located on Old Paper Mill Road. The path circles a hill until you’re left with a running trail and the occasional bench.

You can also take the bridge to White Clay Creek. Take a rod and reel in some fish while dipping your toes in the cool water, or just relax under the shade in this hidden forest.

The UDairy Creamery houses homemade ice cream “from the cow to the cone.” Worth every calorie! My advice: try the flavor “All Nighter,” a coffee base with crushed chocolate cookie sandwich bits, cookie dough chunks and a fudge swirl—it will make your taste buds grin.

Want to take a drive? Woodside Farm Creamery resides 15 minutes away on a quaint farm. Scattered benches and the sight of the cows and fresh farm eggs for sale assure you that Newark’s farm fresh feel is good for something—if that something is ice cream, I’m not complaining!

Ditch The Green for a day. Find a place of your own. Find your favorite piece of Newark—there’s hidden treasure all around our beautiful university.

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    Denise 4 years

    You have to visit Aunt Margaret’s Antique Mall! 294 East Main…. Tons of cool vintage and antique items!

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