Home Again, Home Again: On Moving Out

Moving out, and moving in. Or how to put several years of your life in little boxes
Cyril Caton via Flickr
Moving out at the end of the year doesn’t have to be such a hassle.


One last bagel from Newark Deli and Bagel to go before returning to New York for the summer. This is the way I mark the transition from school to home, tricking myself into thinking I am okay with leaving this place again. With this being my third time packing up, I’d like to consider myself a move-out pro. Traveling long distance? No problem. There are many available storage units to rent space, such as Lazybones, Jonathan’s Sto Away, Route 72 Self Storage and Storage Atlantic.

If storage units are not for you, here is a list of tips to make the trip home a little bit easier.

1. If you’re taking a car home, make sure that the car is empty and ready for your junk to fill its trunk—that means finally cleaning out the test notes and empty water bottles that have been trashing up the back seats!
2. Boxes are a great alternative to suitcases. They store a lot in a confined space and are easily stackable.
3. Pre-pack your room before you pack everything up into boxes or suitcases so that you can sort all of your stuff and unpack easily when you get back home. Remember, the goal is to move out in a way that will make it easy to move back into your home when you unpack!
4. Throw out all of the trash and always do a double take. Soak in the moment. Another year in the books. Take time to remember what it was like moving into your now-abandoned space.

Moving out is more than unpacking a place you called home for the last year. It’s about packing in all the memories, saying goodbye to the people you chose to be your family and looking towards the future. Moving out is a way to say you can do it—you found a place to call home and you’ll be able to find a new one again, wherever life takes you.

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