Honeygrow Becomes Hottest New Spot to Watch Construction Being Delayed


A look at a finished Honeygrow franchise, that the Main Street location will never become.

MAIN STREET—Each day students walk past the mysterious Honeygrow construction sight with one thing in mind: “only magical things would take this long…” Honeygrow has had a very successful grand opening three times in a row. First, in Spring 2015, then Fall 2015 and then in Fall 2016, it has opened as the coolest thing that will never ever open. As a result, students come constantly to see stuff not really happening at all.

Johnny Melt checks in on the sight once a week.

“I like to come in between classes, or when I’m stressed,” he said with his hood up and one earphone in his ear, the other hanging out his sweatshirt. “The prospect of something magical happening in there really calms my nerves.”

Melt has been making weekly visits since the construction first became delayed last spring. “I just feel like the whole thing is very poetic,” he added as he took his hood off and tied up his man bun. “Like I know what it feels like to be a work in progress. Honeygrow is like performance art, because even though it’s supposed to function as a restaurant that makes money, instead it’s like, ‘F— that, I’ll just be a building with construction workers in it forever.’”

Melt is not the only student who has showed interest in the artistic statement being made. Senior Georgia Burk has dedicated her senior thesis to the symbolism that many students have found in the construction sight.

“If there is anything I have learned at my time here at UD, it’s that nothing can truly come to an end… for humans are infinite,” she said. “Just like the opening to Honeygrow. It’ll never really open, just like my soul will never die.”

Burk has aspirations to graduate in the spring, and then continue her research on Honeygrow by working as a full time barista at Brew HaHa! for the rest of her life.

The owner of the building that Honeygrow is residing in said he is “completely unaware and uninformed” on when the opening will really be.

“All I know, is that it’s going to be big, huge… giant,” he said. “Or at least that’s what I heard. Maybe it will have salads.”

There are many rumors circulating campus on what exactly the interior of this chill cafe will look like. Many students have expressed their desire for something zen and relaxing.

“I just want an atmosphere where I can relax and drink a nonfat dairy free coffee-less latte,” senior Jordan Spurs said. “I can picture the wooden beamed ceilings, and I want the couches to be immediately worn in when it opens.”

Some students have shown concern that the whole production is some kind of social experiment. As he sipped an espresso and took a puff from his e-cig, student Ricky Ham commented on this.

“We are probably just their guinea pigs—I wouldn’t be surprised if it never opened, wouldn’t be the first time Delaware disappointed me,” he said as he glared into the distance.

Regardless of when Honeygrow decides to open, it seems that just its presence has already contributed to the formation of an artistic and curious community of students and Main Street artists.

Psychology professor Jane Johnson said, “Even if it never opens, it gives the student’s something to look forward to. And for many of them, it’s all they have.”

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