How to make the most out of your semester

Mamma Mia set
Harrington Theatre Arts Company (HTAC) hosts popular entertaining musicals like “Mamma Mia.”

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Endless entertainment? Definitely. Delicious food? Um, yes, please. Enjoyable classes? Is that even possible? All of these amazing opportunities are available on campus, so instead of pretending that you’re going to study, accept your fate and actually enjoy your semester on campus for once. With a variety of events and activities on campus, you can keep yourself entertained and away from those dusty old books.

Let’s face it. School can be boring with tedious lectures and dull books sucking at your soul. However, the university offers plenty of concerts and performances to keep you awake. From singers to orchestras, there is a wonderful range of music that is sure to impress. The best part, though, is that many of these events are free of charge. A particularly compelling concert to see is The Shanghai Sonata, a chamber music play that celebrates the 75th anniversary of Allied victory over the Axis Powers and combines music with multimedia and interdisciplinary elements, which you can see on Feb. 15 and 16 in Mitchell Hall.

In addition to concerts, there are numerous shows and musicals that are worth the price of admission. Why drive all the way to New York to see a Broadway show when the Harrington Theatre Arts Company specializes in delightful, entertaining musicals, such as “Newsies” and “Falsettos,” featuring talented students and lively musical numbers? E-52, the oldest student theatre group on campus, also caters to audiences with an impressive selection of plays and shows, from mystery to comedy. Similarly, the Resident Ensemble Players (REP), a group of talented, professional actors, perform elaborate and intricately crafted shows, such as “Murder on the Orient Express” and “August: Osage County,” in the Central Fine Arts building Sanford Robbins is the founder and producing artistic director of the REP.

“I work in the American Theatre, so I have personal relations with most of the major people,” Robbins says. “When I pick a play, I have a sense of who the people are who would most effectively bring it to the stage.”

The university also offers exciting opportunities on campus in the form of food, which we all know is the best form. On Feb. 26, hungry students and faculty can enjoy free food at the Nutritious Newark Cook-Off at Star Tower, where local restaurants, such as Home Grown Cafe and Grain Craft Bar and Kitchen, compete for various cooking awards. The food and culinary club is also a great opportunity for free food and a way to learn how to cook. If you have space in your semester, you can take courses through the food and nutrition lab, so you can eat while learning, a dream we have all had before.

There are multiple courses at the university that actually make learning enjoyable. For instance, if you hate sitting at a desk, flaunt your moves on stage, even if you don’t have any moves, with a dance course. It gives you a reason to work out, and you can perform for your friends. Nicole Czechowicz, a junior, has taken a beginner dance course at the university.

“The course was surprisingly fun, even though I can’t dance,” Czechowicz says. “We even performed at the end, so my friends came out to support me.”

If moving and grooving isn’t for you, there is also a variety of art classes, from drawing to sculpting, so you can channel your inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, whether it’s Donatello or Michelangelo. The English department offers exciting courses on classic books. For instance, junior Abby Farkash has taken a course on the Harry Potter series.

“I grew up with the Harry Potter series, so taking the course was a no-brainer,” Farkash says. “I didn’t expect that I would like it so much though. I would recommend it to all Wizarding World fanatics.”

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