How to meet your UDance fundraising goal in 14 days

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UDance is rapidly approaching and we know what you’re thinking! Canning: been there, done that. Donation email: address book is already exhausted. Social media posts: thanks again for the share, Mom.

Here are some new and creative fundraising tips that may be just what you need to get you through your fundraising lull. Let’s make UDance 2017 the year where all Dancers, Moralers and Comma Club Climbers all reach their fundraising goals! Here’s to thinking out of the box, FTK!

Tip 1: Lead with Why

The most successful and meaningful fundraising tip is to lead with why you dance. By telling people why you dance, you are putting a personal meaning behind the number of donations we receive, number of research grants we fund, and the number of families UDance and The B+ Foundation are able to help. Dancer Program members Katie Dove, 21, and Kiera Meighan, 20, found the most success in their fundraising by sharing stories about their B+ Heroes and what UDance means to them. When asking for donations, try shifting your focus from what UDance is to why UDance!

Tip 2: #TBT

Would you relive your most awkward phase FTK? Dancer Program member Danielle Berger, 22, pledged to post an embarrassing old photo for every donation she received in one day. “I made about $55 in donations, mostly from friends,” Berger said. “And especially some that I’m not sure would have made a donation otherwise.” Go Danielle!

Tip 3: “You Give an Inch, I’ll Give A Mile”

It seems like people really want you to work for your donations! No matter how silly the idea may seem, people want to see their money at work! Dancer program member Rob Grossman put his own spin on No Shave November. For every day he received a $10 donation, he didn’t shave. Rob raised $131 and didn’t shave for 13 days! Try making this tip your own! Instead of not shaving, you can vow to go to the gym, buy a coffee for a stranger, cook dinner for your roommate, or match each donation!

Tip 4: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD:

Ever wonder if all those chain messages you never forwarded in middle school came back to haunt you? Here’s your chance to redeem yourself! Relive your middle school days and start a UDance chain message. Comma Club member David Litz added a sentence at the end of his donation emails, asking the recipient to forward the email to 5 friends. In just one week, he fundraised $250! So dust off your Razors, Voyagers, and Envys and get sending!

Tip 5: Slide into DMs

Did you ever think you would slide into someone’s DM’s FTK? You can! Comma Club member Nikki Dombrowski, 19, takes “@ me next time” to a whole new level. By tagging people in her UDance Facebook donation posts requesting donations, Nikki was able to reach her goal of joining the Comma Club. After tagging them in her public post, she messaged them privately “and really stressed that [she] was near [her] fundraising goal and how urgent their help was.” So, it looks like if you ask, you shall receive!

Tip 6: Personalize and Profit

Looking for a way to make Blue Henvelopes more personal? Try following up with each recipient to further educate them about your involvement with UDance. Marissa Snyder, 19, exceeded her Dancer goal while fundraising $600 with Blue Henvelopes alone! After mailing them, she followed up a few days later with a personal text message and continued the conversation about UDance. “I really do believe that I got more donations than normal,” Snyder said. “Last year, I sent the same people Henvelopes, but this year, more of them actually donated.”

Tip 7: Spring Cleaning

Have some extra clothes you want to get rid of? Surprisingly, you can clean out your closet while also increasing the amount of money on your UDance donation page! B+ Foundation employee Carly Bergstein brought clothes to Plato’s Closet in Newark. The store gave her cash in exchange for her old clothes, which she put directly towards her personal donation page. So what are you waiting for? Start your spring cleaning now!

Tip 8: Donations Are Greatly Appreciated

UDance 2017 Co- Executive Director Jake Cummings found a hidden gem in the working world! By replacing his tip jar with a UDance can, Jake was able to fundraise for UDance while on the clock. In just one night, Jake fundraised about $50! Talk about a win-win! Ask your employers if they would allow you to do the same.

Tip 9: Calling All Alumni

Are you friends with any recent UD graduates? Try contacting alumni from your organization and asking them to donate to your personal donation page! When contacting alumni, educate them on the ways in which their respective organization has impacted UDance in the recent years. UDance Alumni Chair Julia Perez confirmed that the average donation from alumni is $15-25. So what are you waiting for? Start rekindling your friendships with those who have graduated before you, and invite them to UDance 2017 while you’re at it!

Tip 10: Get Your Can to Jingle, With A Jingle!

Don’t just can, can with a purpose! Believe it or not, serenading strangers on the street while canning can be a great use of your time. Dancer Program member, Melissa Buchner, 21, takes her canning energy level to the next level with catchy phrases and creative jingles. “People are more inclined to stop and ask what you are fundraising for”, Buchner said. A phrase such as “canning all day to fight cancer away,” increases your chances of getting a donation and guarantees you a smile!

With these creative tips, you can reach your fundraising goal in no time! As always, reach out to your Dancer or Moraler Program Chair with any questions or concerns about fundraising. We can’t wait to celebrate your yearlong efforts at UDance on March 12!

The UDance Public Relations Team

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