Hungry for more: Mosaic’s guide to Delaware food

Clancy Gates/THE REVIEW
Jenn West checking out the daily specials at Crossroads Restaurant.

Creative Content Editor

While Main Street is notorious for offering a variety of enticing food options ranging from El Diablo to Snap Pizza, many students have not had a full taste of Delaware’s expansive food scene. As a result, we compiled some of our favorite hidden gems in Delaware. (And we couldn’t help but include one nearby favorite in Pennsylvania.)

Crossroads Restaurant, Millcreek, Del.:
Looking for a restaurant with a median age of 85? Crossroads is the place for you. Crossroads offers unbeatable specials with a homey atmosphere. Right through the doorway, take in the mural of old Delaware and relish in the soft light and diner-style bar. As you walk to your seat, glance in the glass display case filled with fresh cakes and pies. Visit on Tuesdays for burgers and fries for only $5.99. With the best homestyle specials and all-day breakfast, Crossroads is sure to please.
—Jenn West, Managing Mosaic Editor

La SierraLeanna Smith/THE REVIEW
Tacos and guacamole are just a sampling of Taqueria La Sierra’s expansive menu.

Taqueria La Sierra, Selbyville, Del.: Although there certainly isn’t a shortage of Mexican fare on Main Street, Taqueria La Sierra is worth the trip down to Lower Slower, especially if you’re already headed to the beaches. Attached to a Mexican market, the casual, colorful eatery offers tacos, quesadillas, pupusas, burritos, soups, tortas and more. Despite all of the options, I can’t stop ordering the tacos — pastor is my favorite — because they’re just that good. You’ll only wish that your stomach was bigger and that the drive was shorter.
—Leanna Smith, Creative Content Editor

Whereabouts Cafe, Bear, Del.: This cafe is definitely one of the highlights of New Castle County. The decor is adorable — perfect for taking cute Instagram pictures — and the food is amazing. They serve a variety of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and hot chocolates, as well as sandwiches, bagels and pastries. This is definitely the hidden gem of the Middletown/Bear area.
—Bianca Thiruchittampalam, Column Editor

Potstickers Alex Eichenstein/THE REVIEW
Potstickers also offers desserts, like these crispy banana spring rolls.

Potstickers, Newark, Del.: If you’re tired after a day of shopping at the nearby Christiana Mall, this Asian-fusion grill is the perfect place to enjoy sushi, dumplings or, you guessed it, potstickers.
—Alex Eichenstein, Editorial Editor

Border Cafe, Newark, Del.: For anyone looking for a decent-sized meal without a hefty price tag, this cajun and tex-mex grill is sure to impress. From Mexican favorites, such as the cheesy goodness of enchiladas, to Cajun classics, like deep-fried and delicious Catfish New Orleans, Border Cafe offers food lovers a variety of options to choose from. With huge portions of delicious and authentic food, a to-go box is definitely in your future if you stop by this delightful restaurant and bar. Located near the Christiana Mall, Border Cafe is the perfect spot to cool down after a particularly eventful or exhausting shopping spree. Just remember to come with a voracious appetite and willingness to try some amazing food!
—Nushi Mazumdar, Senior Reporter

food collabOlivia Mann/THE REVIEW
Whether you order channa masala or chicken tikka masala (pictured here, left) make sure to pair it with basmati rice.

Biryani City, Newark, Del.: This unassuming restaurant in a strip mall doesn’t just offer the Indian food typically encountered in restaurants in America: chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, paneer. Reflecting the varied regional cuisines of India (for once!), you can also indulge in delicately crispy or fat, soft and fluffy dosai (your choice!), while hand-holding your more spice-sensitive friends. I recommend the pakodas or samosas for an appetizer (or both, I’m not one to judge) and the channa saag as an entree. And getting a mango lassi is an absolute must.
—Olivia Mann, Managing Mosaic Editor

Terrain Cafe, Glenn Mills, Pa.: Terrain manages to capture the dreamy, ethereal nature of their parent clothing and decor store, Anthropologie, in a home-and-garden space with a greenhouse cafe. In addition to spending half of last month’s income on a potted ficus or dried lavender wreath in a picturesque farm-like plot, Terrain offers a constantly evolving seasonal menu at its cafe. Beyond the beautiful landscape (I had a great time looking out on the wedding photos that were happening just outside the greenhouse that houses the restaurant), Terrain uses fresh ingredients that make their unique dishes like pear-ricotta fritters, foamy maple vanilla lattes and overflowing brunch platters something worth traveling an hour from campus for. The best part is the menu is always changing, so you can have a completely new experience (and excuse for buying a 15th succulent) with every visit. —Liv Rogal, Senior Reporter

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