ICYMI: Mosaic’s guide to Delaware Debates 2018

Debate 2018 - Louis Mason
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Begleiter’s spice left Walker thirsty.

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Political campaign debates end, but sound bites are forever.

The first installment of Delaware Debates 2018 kicked off Wednesday evening with incumbent U.S. House Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-Del.) facing Republican U.S. House nominee Scott Walker.

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rob Arlett met later in the evening for the second installment of Delaware Debates 2018.

Both debates were moderated by Ralph Begleiter, founding director of the university’s Center for Political Communication and a former CNN journalist.

With election day looming just 18 days away, we here at The Review felt obligated to perform our civic duty by compiling a list of the most memorable — and memeable — moments of Delaware Debates 2018.

Begleiter is an A1 sass master
With lines like “One of you is in office, one of you… is not” and “You answered it the way you wanted to answer it,” it was almost as if Begleiter was crafting a portfolio to run the official Wendy’s flame-throwing, savage Twitter account. Ralph, where’d you get this saucy? CNN?

Move over, Mark Zuckerberg
In response to a question asking if social media companies, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, should be “held accountable” for the content they carry on their platforms, Walker incorrectly referred to the founder of Facebook as “Jeffrey Zuckerberg,” adding that he “can’t count the number of times they [Facebook] have shut me down.”

Let’s get factually meditated
In the 2016 election, in which Walker ran against Blunt Rochester as a Democrat, Walker was against the Second Amendment. But after some “factual meditation,” Walker realized the Second Amendment is necessary. Is there a more curious phrasing than “factual meditation”?

Stay away from flour
Walker said he would support an education-based universal health care, claiming if one eats right, exercises and rests, “you don’t need to go to the doctor.” Which is not how it works but OK, Scott. So, “national healthcare for all… in the form of education” is pretty much code for Walker’s crusade against white bread, flour and plus-size models.

“The gays”
On the topic of laws protecting LGBTQ students, Arlett straight-up said “with regard to the gays.” Easily one of the most unusual speech tics of Delaware Debates 2018, the definite article “the” — as a distancing expression — perpetuates the “othering” of queer folk. No thanks, Arlett, says this gay.

Arlett’s Asian wife
With the amount of totally unprompted times that Arlett brought up his Asian wife, he would fit in great with the “I can’t be a racist — I have a black friend” crowd at the university.

Arlett angers Carper
About midway through their hour-long debate, Arlett brought up the fact that Carper slapped his first wife about four decades ago. Undoubtedly the most uncomfortable moment of Delaware Debates 2018, it was kind of akin to when your friend’s parents start arguing in front of you.

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