Is there a secret rating system among Main Street bouncers?

Deer Park Tavern
Rachel Cardwell/THE REVIEW
The bouncers at Deer Park have been making several female students feel uncomfortable with their alleged rating system at the door.


Lately, several bar-going female students have received a letter on their hands other than the black X the 21-plus crowd has grown accustomed to. The letters range from A to F and often have plus or minuses, depending on that night’s bouncer.

University women say they have experienced this at at the Deer Park Tavern and Catherine Rooney’s, where bouncers may also use a scale of 1-10. While everyone must get their IDs checked at the door, many have not yet caught on to the grading system in question.

“I have gotten an A written on my hand before,” senior Annie Waskover says. “But I thought everyone was getting A’s on their hands.”

President of Ashby Hospitality Marc Ashby said a patron brought the issue to their attention about two months ago and the Deer Park Tavern immediately held a staff meeting with all of their bouncers.

“It is nothing we condone and nothing we would ever want to have happen,” Ashby says. “Once we made that clear, we immediately put a stop to it.”

Ashby added that the actions of individual employees do not always reflect the overall values of the business. No patron has sent in a complaint about the rating system since the staff meeting was held.

Though rumors persist, other Main Street bars deny using any such system.

“We use stamps that have A+ written on them, everyone who walks in the door gets the same letter,” said Catherine Rooney’s general manager Joe McCoy when asked for a comment.

McCoy says he highly doubts the system would be used at the establishment since his bouncers should be using the stamp and not markers.

“I think the system is degrading for girls,” senior Ashley Manero says. “Since most bouncers are guys, it seems to be a double standard because girls are targeted more for their clothes and appearance more than guys would be.”

While some have written off the rating system as a harmless joke, not everyone is laughing. The system has several female students angry and hoping for someone to put a stop to it.

“Something should definitely be done,” Manero says. “It’s embarrassing for the business that their bouncers are acting this way while they are supposed to be working and keeping people safe at the bar.”

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