Letter from the editor in chief

Jacob B. Headshot Jacob Baumgart/THE REVIEW
Jacob Baumgart, The Review’s editor in chief for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Editor in Chief

Dear Readers,

When I tell people I write for a newspaper, they say one of two things.

I either hear “You know there’s not many jobs in that field, right?” or “You’re not going to be one of those fake news broadcasters are you?”

Both of these are maddening to hear because this job is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood in the country. Nonetheless, I refuse to get on my soapbox here and preach to the choir about the state of journalism.

I do, however, want to make a promise to you.

I promise that The Review will always report in a fair, accurate and ethical manner. Period. End of discussion.

My partner, Mitchell Patterson, and I have high, yet realistic, goals for this paper, but none of them outweigh this promise. If we ever break our word, we will transparently fix the problem because the stories we tell demand the utmost care, and you, our trusting readers, deserve the best reporting possible.

To our readers, know that we have an obligation to tell all sides of every story. We will uphold that obligation.

To our sources, know that we value the stories you share with us. We will tell those stories fairly.

To our staff, you are some of the most talented and inspiring people I know. You are the heartbeat of this paper and the reason we can tell the stories of this campus and town. You push me to grow as an editor, leader and, most of all, a person. You mean so much to me.

To my partner and our executive editor, Mitchell, your drive and passion are so admirable. Like you say, you may know more about Newark’s politics than anybody on this planet, but your reporting is so much more than that. Your willingness to drop everything for this paper never ceases to amaze me. The Review is beyond lucky to have you as one of its leader.

This year will surely be a roller coaster for everybody involved. But through all the ups and downs, we are here to take you along on the ride.

With fairness, accuracy and ethics in the forefront of our minds, we are pleased to welcome you to the next chapter of The Review.

This year will be great. We promise.

Jacob Baumgart

Jacob Baumgart can be reached at eic@udreview.com

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