Letter from the editors: A look inside the drunk issue

The Review's editors explain the decision to run this week's "drunk issue."

When The Review staff started pitching ideas a month ago for a “special issue” that would focus on a single theme, we sort of knew from the beginning that the “drunk issue” was going to win.

How could it not? Around campus, alcohol consumption, or remnants of it, are ubiquitous. Drinking and partying are foundational elements of what many describe as the “college experience” and the university’s “campus culture.” Sober or wildly intoxicated, alcohol occupies (and alters) the thoughts of nearly all students. Especially between Homecoming Weekend and Halloween.

There are so many facets to the topic that we hope, by dedicating a full issue to it, we can explore with precision, depth and in some cases humor. A few of our personal favorites consider what would theoretically happen if you took shots before class, what to cook up in the kitchen when the midnight munchies hit and the “Straight Edge” perspective.

Other important pieces examine the work of Al-Anon and the intersection of alcohol consumption and sexual assault.

The Review Fall '18 Staff Photos (9) Minji Kong/THE REVIEW
Executive Editor Brandon Holveck (left) and Editor in Chief Caleb Owens (right).

As you comb through the pages of our newspaper this week, what you’ll find is undoubtedly different than what you’ve likely grown accustomed to. We told everyone to run wild, think big and be creative. They delivered.

We recognize there are recent events, both on and off campus, that do not receive their due coverage in our pages this week. An anti-Semitic atrocity occurred in Pittsburgh this week, and the fast-approaching Midterm elections are taking dramatic, sometimes violent turns. The Trump administration plans to define transgender students out of existence. While you’ll still find many of these topics covered online at udreview.com, they’re subjects that deserve space in our print edition.

But we also believe firmly that such events, traumatic and anxiety-inducing as they are, should not totally derail our everyday plans. With the Drunk Issue, we hope to bring our readers a refreshing and much-needed splash of insight and laughter at a time when everyone could use a drink.

Caleb & Brandon


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