Letter: Laundry day at the university

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Amanda Gorsky makes her case.

As a freshman, one of the biggest annoyances so far has been laundry. At home, I had the convenience of my own washer and dryer just down the hall from my bedroom. However, the best part was that laundry never cost me money before coming to college.

Since week one here at the university, I’ve been frustrated whenever I have up to four loads of laundry. Those four loads at $1.50 each end up costing me $6 just to have clean clothes, sheets and towels for the week! I understand that colleges need to make money and that each dorm room cannot be allotted their own laundry machines, but I would strongly encourage schools to find a different way to make up this money. College alone is a difficult adjustment, and adding on an additional expense for a necessity like laundry has only increased my stress.

Another inconvenience of laundry days is the concept of people taking out laundry that doesn’t belong to them. I’ve never encountered this yet, but I’ve seen loads of laundry left in machines for hours, and it’s frustrating. It goes both ways — nobody wants their laundry taken out, but it’s also important to be responsible and empty your machines within a reasonable time frame.

After talking with many freshmen, it seems laundry is a common issue, but I definitely see various ways in which we can work together to make it less of a problem on campus.

Amanda Gorsky is a freshman at the university and can be reached at agorsky@udel.edu.

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