Letter: Morris Library

Morris Library Jacob Baumgart/THE REVIEW
John Quintus responds to Eric Munson’s article “Is It Time for a New Library”.

As a long-serving member of the Board of the Friends of the UD Library, I want to thank you for Eric Munson’s article “Is It Time for a New Library” (April 23). Eric makes it clear that Morris needs a lot of maintenance, especially to stop the flooding that has occurred from the leaking Atrium and water pipes in the Lower Level. I agree fully with associate librarian Shelly McCoy that much needs to be done to maintain and indeed to renovate Morris, and I urge students to support any and all efforts to accomplish this goal.

My hope is that the administration is more aware of the urgency to do something than ever before. Yes, what’s required is expensive, but after many millions of dollars spent on sports projects (Go Hens!), it’s time to spend money on what makes the university a great university. Morris Library is a wonderful source of information; we need to cherish and support this heartbeat of the university.

John Quintus, Ph.D., can be reached at jquintus@udel.edu.

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