Letter: The transition to college

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Lee Beauchamp writes about the transition to college.

It is move-in day at the university and thousands of bubbly new students flood the campus. Everyone is excited for this big step in their life and nervous about what is ahead. Each person has their own hopes and aspirations for college, whether it’s academic or social success, or personal discovery.

However, these students are about to be confronted with one of the largest adjustments in their young lives. Each student will now be independent, free of the “annoying” restrictions and rules of their parents. On the other hand, many students will be independent for the first time in their lives, and this comes with some huge struggles for some.

Without a constant schedule and similar routine, students often struggle to manage their time while staying involved on campus. No longer can these young adults have their parents scheduling their every move, and it leads for the need for freshmen to grow and become self-sufficient people.

Whether these students were responsible or not, it is time for many to finally become adults and adapt to the change in their environment and lifestyle.

Lee Beauchamp is a freshman biology major at the university. He can be reached at leebeau@udel.edu.

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