Letter: The university can do more to help struggling students

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Christian Reilly writes a letter about how the university can do more to help struggling students.

According to a study performed by the American College Health Association, two-thirds of students who are struggling with mental health do not seek treatment. If we apply this statistic to the 24,120 students at the university, that means that a little over 16,000 students on campus are struggling with mental health, and are not seeking treatment. That is a large, scary number. That’s 16,000 students who are fighting, alone, against an enemy that stays with them wherever they go. These students are not only fighting in their dorm rooms, but also in their free time, classes and exams.

The university has implemented some methods in solving this issue. In first-year seminar classes, freshmen are informed on methods for seeking help involving mental illness. Posters hang across campus giving out the numbers and information on hotlines here at the university. There is even a counseling center on campus devoted to helping student development. Despite the numerous amounts of help around campus, I still feel that the university could be doing more. We could still potentially have 16,000 students who aren’t reaching out for help. I would suggest implementing more events, workshops and classes that are devoted to pushing past the taboo of mental illness, and encourage conversation about the real issues and problems that face college students. Even providing more accessible services may cultivate a mindset among students that is more comfortable with sharing issues. We need to have a safer and healthier Blue Hens.

Christian Reilly is a student at the university and can be reached at cmreilly@udel.edu.

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