Letter to the Editor: 'Lady Hens' an antiquated and sexist term

The continued use of the term Lady Hens is ridiculous. First, Hens are biologically females, so the term is redundant. It appears the university was hesitant to use the actual moniker of Fightin’ Blue Cocks, though the University of South Carolina does not seem to have a similar reservations. More importantly, however, the term Lady Hens is inherently sexist. The men’s teams are not called the “Mister Hens” or “Gentlemen Hens” though that would be interesting and more logical, given the above point on Hens’ genders. Instead, the men’s teams are somehow solely entitled to the general term Hens, without a gender specific qualifier. Both men’s and women’s teams represent the university, so shouldn’t they both simply be called Blue Hens? If not, just call them the Blue Hens men’s team, or the Blue Hens women’s team, or something of that nature. By continuing to use this term, you are diminishing women’s roles in athletics as equal representatives of Delaware sports. As a UD alumnus living in the south, I can obviously testify that Delaware is not the only perpetrator of this convention, but I believe Delaware should lead the charge on tossing this antiquated practice.

— James Wiles, Class of 2012

Editors note: In response to this letter, The Review will no longer use “Lady Hens” when writing about women’s sports teams.

FH UD vs. Hofstra
Sara Pfefer/THE REVIEW
Junior midfielder Michaela Patzner runs with the ball against Hofstra. Patzner scored a single goal off of a penalty stroke in addition to taking six shots, including four in the first half.

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