Letter to the Editor: Nowhere to hide from the power plant

There is a blatant and alarming disconnect between the current student-led campaign to ban all smoking on campus and the proposed power plant attached to the Data Center on UD’s STAR campus. According to a statement made by John Morgan, physics and astronomy professor, at the open hearing of the Faculty Senate on March 10, the emissions of toxic particles and greenhouse gases from the 248-megawatt facility will equal 26 million cigarettes PER DAY.

Barbara Morris

What’s the point of banning cigarettes? At least students can see smokers and cross the street to avoid them. With the proposed power plant, which will generate its own power and its own backup power on site, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there will be nowhere to hide!

Perhaps Liebermann’s Bookstore will begin stocking facemasks? Students can pick up a supply each semester along with their used books and ecodes.

What will it take to make UD administrators and Board of Trustees wake up and honor their word? The university has pledged, in both its Climate Action Plan and as signatory to the University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, to reduce greenhouse emissions, rather than tripling them as the power plant will do.

The power plant will be less than one mile from the UD stadium. Maybe that’s a good thing. When a star football player has to drop out of a game due to an asthma attack, or even better, when other teams refuse to play at UD because of the health dangers, maybe then they will see the light, shining brightly through the hole in their pocketbook.

Barbara Morris
Assistant Professor
English Language Institute

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