Letter: Vote McGuiness for effective leadership

head shot kathy mcguiness Courtesy of Kathy McGuiness

As primary day nears on Thursday, Sept. 6, I have been thankful to see that candidates who are clearly the most committed to public service are rising to the top.

One of these candidates is Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness, whom I am pleased to be supporting for State Auditor. With 16 years of experience in elective office at the municipal level, Kathy has demonstrated the unique combination of responsiveness and responsible decision-making on behalf of her constituents. And, as a Certified Fraud Examiner, she understands how to root out waste and abuse.

As a retired university administrator, nothing was more important to me in my work than making sure my students knew that when they needed me, I would be there with what I hoped was sound advice and good counsel. Kathy McGuiness shares these same values; her leadership style transcends the smallness that encompasses the politics of today and instead, makes a direct and positive impact to address the needs of those she serves.

Now, in my role as the president of an all-volunteer, statewide non-profit charity, I have benefitted from Kathy’s professional expertise and experience. McGuiness’s record of success and service has been demonstrated at the local level and these qualities, along with her efficiency and forward-thinking orientation, are traits from which all Delawareans could benefit.

Join me in voting for my friend Kathy McGuiness for Auditor of Accounts in the Delaware Democratic Primary on Thursday, Sept. 6.

Dr. Gail Rys is a former Assistant Dean of the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Delaware.

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