Letting the stars guide me for a week

Cam Johnson/THE REVIEW
Senior Reporter Cam Johnson puts the stars to the test to find out whether or not horoscopes are accurate or not.

Senior Reporter

Astrology, one of the most controversial topics in today’s generation, is followed closely by some and considered unscientific by others. Some people consult their astrological charts to plan events like weddings and births while charts, moon signs and rising signs can make it difficult to derive true meaning from astrological forecasts.

Astrology and horoscope charts are a staple in hometown newspapers, women’s magazines and online search engines. Moreover, Match.com a popular online dating website, lists astrological signs as a question in their profile. Is this a case of “much ado about nothing” or are astrology charts and forecasts really accurate?

I was born on May 28, 1999, making me a Gemini, meaning that I am an air sign and I am ruled by the planet Mercury. According to astrology-zodiac-signs, an online source for information about astrological signs, Gemini’s are supposed to be gentle, affectionate and able to learn quickly. Also, we are sociable, communicative and are fascinated with the world itself and accompanied by a persistent feeling of there is not enough time on earth to experience all that the world has to offer.

Gemini’s also attract a fair amount of hate in the astrology community due to common misconceptions like being two-faced, flaky and hyperactive. I decided recently to delve deeper into my horoscope to ascertain just how accurate and relevant my horoscope is in my life. It is my fervent hope that others will examine whether their astrological forecasts are a help or hindrance in their lives.

According to astrology.com, my weekly horoscope from Aug. 26, 2019 – Sep 1, 2019, was “you may find yourself meditating on how you can tweak your focus on the job in order to feel more aligned with big-picture goals. This opportunity can allow you to refocus and reprioritize your ultimate endgame.” Also it states “you’ll be reflecting on the activities, behaviors, and relationships that help boost your feeling of safety and security.”

I challenged myself to live like my horoscope for a week and here’s what happened:

I moved into my dorm, and this was an opportunity for me to be aligned and meticulous. I was able to put my room in order and make it a safe and secure place thanks to my mom’s help. If I am being 100 percent honest I forgot about my horscope’s advice but later realized that I did indeed follow it. I created a safe space and reflected on my own behavior. It was a true calming experience.

The first day of junior year started off great. I discovered I had most of my classes with friends from my major and decided to take my horoscope’s advice. I started to prioritize myself and reflect on the important aspects of my life: my family and friends. Maintaining contact with family while away at school can be difficult due to conflicting schedules but I make sure to always call my parents while away. At the end of the day, I spent time with one of my closest friends, and it was a great bonding moment that brought us closer together.

This was my most successful day by far. I had a chill day due to me only having two classes and decided to take one of my best friends Christine’s advice. She is constantly telling me “Relax, take time for yourself and please get more rest,” so this is exactly what I did. I shut myself away for a couple of hours after class and just breathed and did some self-care. Later on, I met her and some of our other friends for dinner and talked for hours. Talking, eating and spending time with the people I love is the best thing in this world and it was truly the best day out of the week.

This was honestly just a day full of stress. This day was the most exhausting by far and I wasn’t able to take my horoscope’s advice due to the unlimited amount of homework and readings I had to complete. Sometimes being an education major is tough and I found myself missing checking my horoscope for the day. I did, however, take a nap to try and debrief but I just woke up feeling worse. So this day was a complete fail.

I was able to actually follow my horoscope this day. I focused on my work and tried to think of my endgame. I have been split between education and journalism because these are two careers that I love with all my being. I was recently published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and seeing my byline on the website reinforced that I can do both. Taking the time to think and reevaluate my life was extremely helpful.

At the end of the week, this experiment had me torn. While I do think my horoscope accurately represented how I was feeling in the moment and gave me good advice, I don’t believe it’s 100 percent accurate. By no means did I continuously reflect on my horoscope as I went through my day to day activities. I simply thrived in a stressful, activity-driven week as I had all the weeks before.

Astrology is a fun pseudoscience to follow and sometimes it can explain things about our lives but at the end of the day, we are our own people and an app shouldn’t tell us how to live and guide us through the trials, tribulations or triumphs of life.

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