Litany against bikers

bike illustration
Column Editor Nushi Mazumdar creatively spins her thoughts towards bikers into a poem.

Column Editor

‘Tis another day in ye old school.
I walk carefully along my path,
Acting far from a fool.
I hurry ahead to learn some math.

Although I look both ways,
I somehow always lose.
Biking hurriedly past in a haze,
I follow behind him with “boo’s”

Too far to hear my screeches,
The biker continues to create a mess.
Easily-bruised like peaches,
Us walkers deserve our rights, nothing less.

Why are you always hitting and hurting us?
Is there not a bus?
Stop looking at your phone
As you cycle upon your throne.

Are you munching upon a gyro?
There are people surrounding you.
Wouldn’t you rather be still and chew?
So, why bro?

Although biking should not be banned,
You must understand
We walkers have had enough
You riding is just too rough.

When we’re gathered in a mass,
Thou really shall not pass.
You must follow your own path
Or one day face our wrath.

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