LunchBunch app makes it easier to dine with friends

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LunchBunch, an app created by three alumni, allows users to connect, coordinate, and make faster meal plans with friends. With the app, they hope to make mealtimes more social for students.


As a student, 2015 graduate Matthew Hoffman found making lunch plans to be unnecessarily complicated. After talking it over with Brandon Trautmann, another fellow 2015 university graduate, the two computer science majors decided people were hungry for a simpler way to make meal dates.

“I realized there are probably other people on campus who wanted to go to lunch but didn’t know who else was available,” Hoffman says. “So I realized there was a need there.”

Hoffman and Trautmann shared their idea with Ryan O’Dowd, a friend and 2014 alumnus with his own company. Together, they created LunchBunch, an app that enables users to make faster meal plans.

“Instead of sending out a mass text or email,” O’Dowd says, “You could log on and see who’s available immediately.”

With the LunchBunch app, users connect with friends and organize them into “bunches” or different groups—classmates, team members, etc. In-app features like invitations and direct messaging make it easy to coordinate plans.

LunchBunch launched its first version last month, with a new version expected to come in the next few weeks. Right now, Hoffman says, the team is focused on ironing out basic features and incorporating feedback from early users.

“We’ve had several real-life cases from people who’ve used it for the first time,” Hoffman says. “I have some friends who’ve downloaded the app and used it to get dinner one night, which was cool.”

Hoffman and O’Dowd plan to keep up the positive momentum—they hope to expand their team, and ultimately turn LunchBunch into a success.

“It’d be great to have it grow into something where it’s useful for people,” Hoffman says. “People on college campuses and in the workplace can use it to have a better experience and ultimately have more social lunches and lunches with friends.”

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