Main Street restaurant hikes up prices for Cinco de Mayo

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Popular Mexican eatery Santa Fe increased prices for Cinco de Mayo

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Many students braved the Cinco de Mayo crowds at popular eatery Santa Fe Mexican Grill only to see that the special menu for the holiday included increased prices on regular menu items.

The limited menu consisted of four appetizers and five entrees of some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, all with prices increased by one or two dollars. The drink menu listed some prices as being upwards of four dollars more.

Santa Fe’s assistant manager Kristin Cronin said Cinco de Mayo is one of their busiest days with the restaurant serving over 1,000 people during the holiday.

“What happened for Cinco de Mayo, being at a Mexican restaurant on a very busy day, in order to control the volume of people and get people the best service possible on the busiest day prices were slightly increased instead of customers paying a cover,” she said.

Junior Belle Meade was frustrated with the increase in prices, she said.

“If I do choose to go out I go to Santa Fe because their prices are usually fair,” Meade said. “I was going in hopes of having the same happy hour prices and when I got there like all the prices were doubled.”

The restaurant has increased their menu prices for the holiday in years past, but might be switching to a cover charge for diners after the feedback they received this year, said Cronin.

Meade doesn’t think the price increase affected the quality of service. There were just as many people, if not more, she said.

“Charging extra doesn’t really do any good, if it gets really crowded turn people away and keep the regular prices,” she said.

The way Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo has drawn increased scrutiny in recent years. The holiday is supposed to celebrate Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. However most Americans spend the holiday drinking Coronas, margaritas and eating Mexican food.

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    Amber russell 3 years

    You have an opportunity to reach out to the UD students and this is what you write about? About a restaurant charging like $1 more for a chimichanga during cinco de mayo? What a waste of time.

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    Elise H. 3 years

    I am a server at another restaurant on Main Street and we also have higher priced special menus for Mothers Day, graduation, etc. This is a standard business practice. I really don’t understand why The Review is targeting this particular venue. I love Santa Fe and wonder what the real motive is behind this article and question the credibility of the reporter and the editor who decided to make this the top story when there are actually real issues that matter to students on this campus.

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