Nico and Vinz share vision, perform at UD

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Nico & Vinz
Randi Homola/THE REVIEW
Norwegian-born Nico and Vinz performed Thursday night in Trabant.


The sound could be heard from the W. Main Street entrance of Trabant. A rhythmic rumble stopped passing students as they slowly realized the iconic tune, “Am I Wrong” by R&B duo, Nico and Vinz, and began to sing the chorus. The show wasn’t set to begin for another two hours, but the band was already making people sing.

Nico and Vinz are most proud of inspiring people. Through their music, the group is constantly trying to connect with people—even those just passing by—in a positive way.

“Healing the world [through our music] is a big statement, but I believe it’s possible,” Nico says. “We have an intimate approach to it though. We strive to make one person feel better, and so on and so on, to make the world a better place.”

The band’s explosion in 2014 with their hit song, “Am I Wrong” has been another outlet in which Nico and Vinz aim to make the world a better place. Even lyrics overheard at the soundcheck, “I’m just like you,” promote an idea of equality and commonality with all people, which is something Nico and Vinz haven’t always received as artists.

“We come from such a small country where we were told, ‘it’s not possible for two Norwegian boys to have music that globally renowned,’” Nico says. “For us, just to be here is a sign that anything is possible.”

Nico & Vinz
Randi Homola/THE REVIEW
Nico and Vinz were originally named “Envy.”


Meeting through a mutual friend, the odds for Nico and Vinz were never small. The young men slowly learned that they each had the same vision of inspirational music and set out to develop it together. While neither artist plays an instrument, this gives them opportunities to work heavily on lyrical development and vocal training—which the band has just recently started.

The beginning of this style started in 2011 when Nico and Vinz were known as Envy. The group had produced one mixtape entitled, “Why Not Me” and their first album, “The Magic Soup and the Bittersweet Faces,” which took the No. 37 spot on the Norwegian album charts.

This catalyst would eventually lead to their current success.

Nico and Vinz say the future is wide open to limitless possibilities, but most importantly for them to learn. Keeping up with the success of their hit has been hard, but the band has been pushing to create even better music for their fans because of their success.

“We’re just going to keep evolving as artists,” Vinz says. “We’re going to keep challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves in every aspect—visuals of the stage and the music. Whatever we can do to improve and be better will happen. The rest is history in the making.”

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