Meet your Blue Hens: Coach DeLuca


Courtesy of Delaware Athletics
Ben DeLuca.

In his first season as head coach of Delaware men’s lacrosse coach, Ben DeLuca has begun his career with the Blue Hens with two straight wins.

The Review sat down with the first-year Delaware head coach this week to get a feel for his time here so far and his feelings for the season ahead for the Hens.

On his expectations for the season:

“The expectations are that we begin to build our culture in the right way, to lay the foundation for sustained excellence over the course of the long run and help our guys improve on a regular basis, daily, weekly basis so that at the end of the season we’re significantly better than we were when we started.”

On his CAA expectations:

“We just really want to compete. We want to get ourselves some wins in the conference and we want to try and make the conference tournament. I think we’re starting with some realistic goals of getting some wins in the conference and then qualifying for the CAA tournament and then from there I think it’s up for grabs.”

On how he has personally settled in with the team and the program:

“It’s been great. It’s been wonderful. My wife and I moved our two daughters here and it’s been a wonderful transition for us. We’ve worked extremely hard with the coaching staff to establish solid relationships with our players and trust with our players with authentic and open communication and it’s been a great transition.”

On his feelings toward the overall attitude of the team:

“The team’s been great, the attitude’s been wonderful. They’ve really bought in. Our captains, Will Hirschmann, Alex Brunner, Jackson Finigan and Joe Eisele have done a great job of leading, setting the tone, leading by example and the attitude from our guys has been wonderful.”

On any challenges they have faced:

“There’s been plenty of challenges. Anytime you have a new staff coming in, getting to know a team, allowing them to get to know us, trying to figure out the routine, evaluating what we have from a personnel standpoint, trying to put those pieces in the right places and just figure out the jigsaw puzzle of a team, there’s been a good number of challenges. We have a lot of really good students who have academic requirements and other things that are pulling at their time so just challenging to establish a routine and some consistency with when we’re practicing, how we’re practicing and establishing new standards of expectations.”

On what he feels he can bring to the Blue Hens from his past experiences:

“The hope is I can bring some perspective on how to be successful. I’ve been very fortunate to work with some wonderful coaches at some great programs and have a pretty good amount of success and so I think every place is different, but I do think with our coaching staff and with the perspective we can bring, we feel like we can help show our guys the way to be successful and our hope is that we can show them how to be successful in life, not just in the sport of lacrosse, but how to be great students, how to be great people, and to graduate and be prepared for success after graduation.”

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