Meet the Candidates for U.S. Senate – Delaware

Senator Tom Carper

Candidate Statement: I’m a husband, father, retired Navy captain, Vietnam Veteran, former governor and U.S. Senator for Delaware. I am running to continue to grow our economy, protect our environment and provide affordable, quality healthcare for all Americans.

Kerri Evelyn Harris


Candidate Statement: My name is Kerri Evelyn Harris, and I am running to represent all of the people of Delaware. When I announced my candidacy I announced my support for single-payer healthcare, universal pre-K, a $15 minimum wage and opposition to all bills that expand fracking and offshore drilling, and I also believe that public funding for higher education will lift working families out of poverty, and that we need to forgive all student loans.

Gene Truono

Gene Truono

Candidate Statement: I am a native Delawarean and graduated from Salesianuim, have a BS in Marketing from the University of Delaware, and a Juris Doctorate from Delaware Law School at Widener. My two core principles are the Constitution and state’s rights, two things that must be returned to Washington.

Rob Arlett did not immediately respond for comment.

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