Mosaic Explainer: Coffee craze is the new campus fad

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Lorraine Cook/THE REVIEW
Is coffee a trend, or a morning (and afternoon, and evening) necessity?


“Grande iced half-caf soy salted caramel mocha latte with extra whipped cream and caramel drizzle?”

How Americans have somehow managed to spit out this long string of words when they can barely even open their eyes in the morning—this is beyond me. Yet for some reason, coffee has become much more than an enjoyable morning beverage. With high-end coffee chains and quirky indie cafes sweeping the nation, coffee drinking has become a way of life.

More specifically, the coffee culture has become obviously apparent on campus, with practically every person walking around holding a cup as an accessory. It’s true that this caffeine-packed drink helps to keep students up at all hours of the day for incessant studying, but why have we all turned to this specific outlet?

“I think people rely on it so much and they don’t even realize that every morning they’re craving caffeine,” sophomore Haley Ensor says.

Between schedules packed with exams, work, class and friends, it is no wonder that students are doing everything they can to jumpstart their energy.

“We perceive it as the best way to stay awake, as opposed to exercising and drinking water and going to bed at a decent time,” freshman Natalie Ginn says. “Why do that when you can have caffeine in coffee?”

Ginn says that she deems herself a coffee addict to the point of contracting headaches when she is deprived of a cup. This growing addiction was spurred by the onset of college, Ginn says.

Freshman Kate Koluch says drinking coffee is a “social norm.”

Students just pop into the nearest coffee shop the second they want to hang out with friends, or get tired, hungry or bored. So who’s to say if this campus coffee addiction was brought on by the need to stay awake, or just the social aspect of drinking a cup with some friends?

“People see their friends drink it and then they want to try it,” Nick Semeraro, a Brew HaHa! barista says.

Semeraro, a junior, says he thinks the coffee obsession amongst students has become somewhat of a peer-pressure situation. Your friends look cool walking around with their iced latte, so now you need to go buy one to look cool, too.

With endless combinations from not only Starbucks’ growing chain but every coffee shop down Main Street, coffee drinking has become much more complex than just ordering it with milk and sugar. The unique array of possibilities just adds to the craze of coffee drinking by providing a prime platform for Instagram photos or Snapchat stories.

“The coffee obsession is definitely a fad,” sophomore Taylor Toy says. “Every girl has to go to Dunkin and carry around their Dunkin cups—it’s just their thing.”

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