Mosaic Satire: Rest in Peace A Pizza

Emily Brymer/THE REVIEW
Farewell to Peace of Pizza, and farewell to the memories we’ve made a delicious meals we’ve eaten there.


At one time, Peace A Pizza was a haven for college students. Countless couples went on dates just to sit at the table right in front of the window and spot their friends. Dagers found relief in the delicious greasiness of the happiest slice of pizza on earth.

This is an ode to the greatest slice of pepperoni pizza I have ever consumed. Greasy, large, cheesy, thick-crusted delectable pizza that took a solid fifteen minutes for me to consume, along with my mango-tangerine smoothie.

I remember being fourteen and walking down Main Street with my father, excited a pizza place like Peace A Pizza existed on earth. Puns and pizza? What more could you want? Nobody will ever get to experience that ethereal happiness ever again, now that Peace A Pizza has left this world – or, at least, left Main Street.

This is an ode to the college student who once stumbled upon the most delicious slice of pizza on earth one night after collecting tips from the restaurant where they work. This is for the tears they cried over the crusty, cheesy, overwhelming joy that Peace A Pizza gave them.

It’s not just college-age students who enjoyed the pizza shop. Almost two years ago, sophomore Penelope Velasco and freshman Amani Thurman had their first date at Peace A Pizza, when they were but mere high school students.

“During the date, the workers went out to buy us the ingredients to make a chocolate pizza pie, just for us, because they ran out of them,” Thurman says.

Both agreed that the pizza shop was one of the greatest restaurants on Main Street, and say they are sad to see it leave.

There are several other people who are disappointed that they’ll never get to experience Peace A Pizza. Ariana Gannon, a sophomore, expressed her concern.

“I never got around to going there, and now I’ll never have the chance to pass by it ever again and say to myself, ‘someday…’” Gannon says.

She expressed her disappointment in never be able to have a slice of their peanut butter and jelly pizza. That type of pizza was one of the many eccentric kinds the restaurant had to offer, along with ones like cilantro lime chicken.

Beyond the customary student hangout, Peace A Pizza offered a blissful escape for college students. Almost everybody likes pizza, and the restaurant had an exotic variety of pizzas to offer, to satisfy the palates of more challenging college students.

The glory days of pizza are over. There will never again be any happiness on Main Street. Children are crying, teenagers are protesting, college students are sighing, older people are talking about “the good old days” back when there was amazing pizza offered on Main Street.

Rest in Peace A Pizza, and may we all hope that the new “personal pies” restaurant honors your legacy. We will all miss you, we will bow our heads and grieve. Peace, love and pizza.

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