Mosaic’s guide to the best hot cocoa in Newark

Hot cocoa is an essential tool to survive the winter.

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Whether you enjoy it with marshmallows or whipped cream, hot chocolate is a childhood classic that deserves to continue throughout adulthood. When students are forced to travel through bleak weather, hot chocolate is essential for surviving the bitter winter. With the days becoming colder, learn the best places on campus to warm up your frigid days with hot chocolate.

One of the hottest places to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate may be Brew Haha!, with a trendy environment perfect for a college student. Catering to its adult clientele, Brew Haha! provides customers with an adult version of the hot chocolate we grew up with.

By excluding much of the sugar typically present in hot chocolate, the cup seemed to be filled with plain milk rather than the expected sweet treat. Furthermore, the chocolate typically associated with this drink was nowhere to be found, yet the beverage still retained its brown color somehow. Although the drink kept its rich brown color of a typical hot chocolate, that chocolate flavor was nowhere to be found. Overall, the hot chocolate would be perfect for anyone who is on a diet during the holiday season. However, for a drink to truly warm the soul with sugary goodness there are plenty of other options available on campus.

For those individuals with a serious sweet tooth, Einstein Bagels’ hot chocolate will certainly please. It’s more like a decadent treat than a warm drink. With whipped cream and chocolate powder sprinkled on top of the already-overloaded sugar bomb, a sweet tooth may easily turn into a cavity.

Bagels may taste good with hot chocolate but donuts pair better with this drink and can easily be found at Dunkin’ Donuts. The cheapest option for students, costing only $1.85, this budget-friendly hot chocolate is perfect for anyone skimping on money but still craving a sugar-filled delight. Even though this option may be a cheap treat, there is a reason for the measly price. Unlike most hot chocolate, water rather than milk is used as the base for the chocolatey goodness, so it lacks the typical creaminess present in the drink. However, the copious amount of sugar allows the drink to still feel comforting and delicious.

Rich, decadent and sweet, the hot chocolate from Starbucks does not fail to impress and proves to be just as addictive as their lattes and coffees. Proving that hot chocolate is not only for children, this decadent drink has a subtle bitterness from its dark chocolate flavor and perfectly complements the whipped cream on top. Although the drink is sugary and rich, it nevers feels too decadent to push aside and is surprisingly easy to finish.

Although it is better to leave some things in the past, classic staples like hot chocolate are essential to any chocolate or sugar fanatic. With so many options to choose from, choosing the perfect hot cocoa can be quite a challenge. Despite whichever hot chocolate you choose, you are almost always guaranteed a sweet and warm delight.

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