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Movie recommendation: “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things”

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Bianka Heather/The Review
Senior reporter Katie Garner reviews the recent Prime Video release

Senior Reporter

Right off the bat I want to say that I did not expect to like this movie as much as I did. It seemed like a cheesy teen romance with a little too much resemblance to “Groundhog Day.” However, it was free to watch on Amazon Prime Video, and I was bored.

I quickly realized just how much I underestimated this movie. It was meaningful, funny and ultimately just so endearing. What I thought would be like any stereotypical teen film turned out to be an adorable watch with great lessons about appreciating the little things in life and keeping our loved ones close.

The movie stars Kathryn Newton and Kyle Allen as Margaret and Mark. The two find that they are both living in a temporal anomaly in which the same day repeats over and over again, and they are the only ones who notice. 

The two make a somewhat unlikely pair, with Margaret being more serious and mysterious, while Mark is much more easy going and funny. While Margaret dreams of becoming a mission specialist for NASA, Mark hopes to attend art school — that is, if they can ever escape the same day.

The two first decide that, since they can’t seem to escape the temporal anomaly, they are going to try to find every perfect thing that happens in their little town on this particular day. By perfect things, they mean moments when people are in the right place at exactly the right time for something wonderful, hilarious or crazy to happen. For instance, a janitor playing an unexpected piano ballad or an elderly woman celebrating her victory in a card game against her husband.

They find so many little things that Mark uses his art skills to draw a map of them. Both wonder if in it lies the secret to them escaping the same day, or if they even want to escape. While Margaret is hesitant, Mark is adamant that they must leave:

“This is not time. Time is the stuff that when you spend it, you don’t get it back,” Mark says.

Figuring out how they can escape the anomaly is difficult enough on its own, and it’s made even more difficult as Mark has to figure out what Margaret is hiding and why it is holding her back.

Ultimately, this movie made me feel all of the emotions, which is definitely something I appreciate in a movie. It was funny, sad, bittersweet and hopeful. Oh, and there’s a dog named Chewbarka. It definitely deserves much more credit than I had originally assumed.

I believe this movie is particularly important right now because many of us are feeling stuck in the same way Mark and Margaret are in this movie due to the pandemic. Sure, we aren’t technically stuck in a temporal anomaly, but it definitely does feel like each day is the same.

It is nice to be reminded to keep our loved ones close and that there are still wonderful little things happening around us all the time, and we should try harder to appreciate them. Definitely add this movie to your watchlist!

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