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Despite a predictable and simple plot, the cast of The Other Woman keeps the film entertaining and enjoyable.

After watching trailers of “The Other Woman,” I knew it would follow the typical romantic comedy guidelines, but I was not expecting it to be as humorous as it was. The movie starts off with Carly Whitten, played by Cameron Diaz, falling in love with her dream guy, Mark King, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Diaz played a role similar to the one she plays in most films she stars in, such as “Bad Teacher.” She comes off as a successful, single, attractive New York lawyer. Carly’s assistant at her prestigious law firm in the city happens to be played by Nikki Minaj. I thought this role was underrated, and she contributed to the humor I found in this film.

Coster-Waldau, one of the stars from the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones,” did an excellent job in the role of the cocky player. The introduction ends when viewers expect Mark to roll over next to Carly in bed, yet the woman switches from Diaz to his wife. Leslie Mann plays the frazzled but pretty washed up wife, Katie King.

As you start to get the gist of what kind of man Mark is, you can tell that there has been more than one affair. He comes off as the type of guy that immediately turns around when a girl walks past him and gets their number at any chance. It is clear from their interactions that he knows his wife is oblivious to his actions. Katie and Carly’s first meeting occurred in the worst way anyone would want to find out their husband is cheating on them.

After the breakdown, when Katie realizes her entire life is falling apart, she and Carly begin their weird friendship. Although their friendship was formed because of their hatred for the same man, which reminded me of the plot from “John Tucker Must Die,” they both tried to help each other work through their problems.

The third woman Mark is discovered to be having an affair with was not introduced until the movie was half way through. I am a huge Kate Upton fan and was excited to see what role she would play. Of course, Upton starred as the 22-year-old clueless girl named Amber.

The three collectively start to brainstorm ideas that will make Mark feel even worse than the way he had made them all feel. At this point, although I was enjoying the film, I started to get bored because I knew exactly how it was going to end. However, due to the fantastic cast, I was able to keep paying attention for the duration of it.

The film came to a conclusion after a trip to the Bahamas, which led to Mark getting busted and losing all of his money. Along with this came surprisingly happy endings for both Carly and Amber.

The music and locations in the film (New York, Connecticut and a few scenes in the Bahamas) really made the movie more enjoyable. This film could have gone in a completely different direction, yet the producers did all of the right things to keep viewers laughing and excited for the next scene. “The Other Woman” is definitely a chick flick; however, I believe even male viewers would find it a pleasurable and amusing watch.

The message I got out of the whole film was that friendship is strong enough to fight those with bad intentions. I would recommend this film to someone that is looking for a good pick-me up and laugh. The film is very straight to the point and does not ask viewers to think too much.

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