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University Dining Services are introducing new changes to meal plans and on-campus dining outlets.

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University Dining Services are introducing new changes to meal plans and on-campus dining outlets, including a meal exchange option and a new cafe and restaurant for Morris Library.

Starting this fall semester, both on and off-campus meal plans will include one meal exchange per day. Students can now exchange one dining hall meal for one combo meal (entrée, side and a drink) in Trabant Food Court and The Scrounge, on weekdays from 8-11 P.M., presenting students with more options for late-night dining. However, the meal exchange is only valid at select locations, namely Chick-fil-A and Burger Studio in Trabant, and Sandwich Shack and Grille Works in The Scrounge.

A new 10 percent discount on all purchases made with points may also come as a welcome announcement for students who frequent on-campus retail locations like the P.O.D. The discount is exclusive to students and applies to all meal plans.

The Nest is set to open this fall, following construction and remodeling in Morris Library Commons this past summer. The Bleecker Street bistro which once served library-goers is now being replaced with a coffee bar offering specialty coffee drinks, and a pop-up restaurant which will feature a rotating menu with offerings that will change throughout the semester. The new space will also boast a 24/7 marketplace for grab-and-go food items, snacks and bottled drinks.

A to-go option is also now available to students dining at Caesar Rodney, whereas this option was previously only available in Russell and Pencader dining halls. All three dining halls will now carry biodegradable containers for to-go dining.

For students not living in the residence halls, a $120.00 credit towards Home Chef, the meal-kit and food delivery company, is now offered with the 35 Block with Home Chef off-campus meal plan.

For other avenues of ordering food online, students can also use their ONEcard to purchase pick-up at on-campus restaurants through Grubhub.

Although all students living in on-campus residence halls are compelled to purchase a meal plan, students living in the new University Courtyard apartments are not required to purchase one, as was similarly the case for the now defunct Christiana Towers. Neither Dining Services nor One Easton Apartments have specified whether or not students living in the on-campus apartments in One Easton are compelled to purchase a meal plan.

For students with food allergies or dietary restrictions, the university now has a registered dietician available to assist with these concerns. Debbi Miller can be reached at Students can also contact the University Dining Services offices in Room 153 in the Annex of Perkins Student Center, adjacent to The Scrounge, for further inquiries.

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