New organization’s goal to end gender violence will take collaborative effort among students

Mens Action Network Meeting
Juliana Russo/THE REVIEW
The Men’s Action Network founder Cedric Rudolph van Liefferenge meets with co-advisors and members in Perkins to discuss their first event on campus.

The Men’s Action Network, a new organization on campus, urges students to reflect on the issue of masculinity and empower students to end gender violence.

The student organization has three goals: educate, engage and empower. Members seek to educate students on the effects of toxic masculinity. MAN hopes education will engage and empower students to take action and eradicate violence.

It is admirable that members of MAN are challenging society’s view of masculinity and encouraging students to reconsider traditional gender roles. However, the group will need to reach the right audience to be successful. Groups such as SAGE and Haven are cognizant of these issues. MAN will need to include organizations that display these traditional roles of masculinity, such as fraternities and sports teams, in the conversation to ensure their message does not fall on deaf ears.

This is not to say all members of these organizations display acts of toxic masculinity or perpetuate traditional gender roles. Many male students are receptive to these issues and believe in gender equality. We have come a long way over the past few decades, but there is still more room for change.

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