Opinion: Eric Morrison, State House candidate, defends his campaign

Eric Morrison, a Democrat running for the 27th District seat of the State House of Representatives, makes his case.

Eric Morrison
Courtesy of Eric Morrison /Ericmorrison4the27th.com
Eric Morrison is a Democratic candidate for the Delaware State House of Representatives.


I am disappointed that my six-term Democratic incumbent opponent, in a recent interview, instead of addressing issues of vital importance to Delawareans, used the opportunity to criticize our campaign’s recent fundraiser featuring a female impersonation show.

“That is so far off-base for our district, it’s unbelievable,” Rep. Earl Jaques, dismissing a long-cherished art form in the LGBT community, remarked. “You wonder what the point is. You can have fundraisers, I don’t care about that. But dressing in drag? Really?”

He also made presumptive comments about 27th District church members.

“I’m not sure [Mr. Morrison] represents the people who attend those places of religion,” He stated. “I don’t think those churches would endorse that.”

I very much appreciate the subsequent statement issued by the leaders of the Delaware House Democratic Caucus, expressing their disagreement with Jaques’ comments and reiterating their support for Delaware’s LGBT community. I also appreciate Jaques’ apology, in which he called his own words “insensitive, hurtful, and simply wrong.”

However, Jaques’ apology does not alter his history of failing to support Delaware’s LGBT community, for which I’ve worked hard for 27 years. In 2013, he voted against same-sex marriage in Delaware. In 2017, he abstained from voting yes or no on a bill banning the barbaric practice of “conversion therapy” for Delaware’s LGBT minors.

I believe that 27th District Democrats (who outnumber district Republicans two to one) deserve a Democratic State Representative who at the very least subscribes to the most basic tenets of the Democratic Party, including LGBT equality.

Eric Morrison is a Democratic candidate for the 27th District of the Delaware State House of Representatives. He can be reached via his election campaign website or on Facebook, or at EricMorrison4the27th@gmail.com.


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    John Keagy 6 months

    I’ve noticed that since Earl Jacques campaign signs have started appearing the last couple of days that Eric Morrison’s have mysteriously disappeared. A strange coincidence or an intentional attempt by Jacques to steal the election.

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