Opinion: Is artificial intelligence helping or hurting us?

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Kaitlyn McKinney writes about artificial intelligence in today’s society.

In today’s society, we all know that we cannot leave the house without our cell phone, and if you are a college student, it is your phone and laptop. We are always so dependent on our technology, whether it is us Googling a recipe or a common question, using it as navigation device to get from point A to point B or to communicate with people. Even though this use of technology has been beneficial to making our lives easier, could it also be hurting us as well? Technology, in a sense, could be negatively affecting how we interact within relationships, our concentration on certain activities and how we perform within a classroom setting.

Interactions are essential when creating relationships with people, whether they be romantic or not. Currently when it comes to relationships, you always hear someone say, “I met so and so on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, etc.,” but you rarely see anyone going out anymore to meet people. Also, when it comes to technology, it is often a distractor, so people often spend more time on their phone, and less time with the person they are with. This poses a threat to us building strong relationships with people, as well as a threat to our safety. When you meet people online, you never know who you are actually meeting until you meet them. They could be catfishing you or lying, which poses a threat to you. If you don’t know who you are talking to, then your interaction with that person could be dangerous. And let’s say you do know them, if technology always comes in the way, your interactions with people will be short and brief, which could prohibit communication skills and bonding as a whole. Interactions are not the only thing that technology is harming.

Concentration on certain activities is another reason why technology might be doing us more harm than good. You ever get so into a game on your phone that you can’t seem to put it down? Or that one more episode on Netflix that seems to be calling your name from your laptop on your desk? Yeah, we often get distracted by technology, which can prevent us from building social skills as mentioned before, doing well on assignments and often negatively affects our time management. This could lead to poor interviews, losing jobs and failing grades in class. Speaking of failing grades, how you perform in the classroom setting is the next example of how technology does us more harm than good.

To go along with concentration issues, how we perform in a classroom setting is often another reason why technology is negatively affecting us. In the classroom we often have our phones, and laptops which can cause for an easy distraction when the lecture gets too boring. Also, with this technology at the palm of our hands, it can often lead to academic dishonesty and cheating. There are so many websites that provide answers for the questions we have to solve in class, and it is not that hard to obtain them. This will cause problems with the academic honesty policy but also how you perform as a whole. If you are constantly looking us up the answers on your phone, you will never truly learn anything, and you will make school more about passing than actually learning something, which doesn’t benefit you in the long run.

Interactions, concentration and performance in the classroom are all things that technology does that negatively affects us, and even though it is beneficial now, it won’t be later on.

Kaitlyn McKinney is a freshman medical diagnostics major at the university. Kaitlyn can be reached at khm@udel.edu.

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