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Transportation at the University of Delaware has received many criticisms that all summarize to a single characteristic; students on the UD campus need access to a reliable, affordable and efficient form of transportation that is available at all hours to compensate for the campus’ lack of comprehensive transportation. Dockless electric scooter sharing would be a positive addition to the University of Delaware campus. They’ll help students get around our large campus more easily and alleviate the need for cars, freeing up parking spaces and giving students an environmentally friendly transportation option. This, in turn, will increase campus engagement because it will decrease the likelihood of transportation being a factor in whether a student decides to be involved in the campus community.

Scooters provided by operators like Lime are completely carbon neutral and 30% of their riders report using them to replace trips they otherwise would have taken with a car. That means less traffic and pollution for our campus. Reducing traffic would please the residents of the city of Newark as well as the University of Delaware faculty who commute to campus. This would also make the construction processes happening all around campus, run more smoothly. Additionally, scooters will also make students less reliant on the unreliable university shuttles.

Micromobility is being embraced by cities and communities all over the world. With the growing population of students, implementing micromobility into the University of Delaware will create a fresh and sustainable environment. The University of Delaware should join in utilizing innovative and sustainable transportation methods as well.


Cierra McNeill, Class of 2021

Cierra McNeill’s views are her own and do not reflect the majority opinion of The Review’s staff. She may be reached at cmm@udel.edu.

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