Opinion: Nicholas Makos makes his case for student body president

Courtesy of the Student Government Association
Nicholas Makos is running for Student Body President.

I am running to represent you as the Student Body President of UD because I believe that we need a leader who is committed to engaging students by expanding the role of the Student Government Association. In my experience, it is difficult to create meaningful change because the current structure is closed off from the majority of the student body, and proposals are rarely sent to the proper channels to be implemented.

As a Senator, I take great pride in serving as the representative of the Lerner College of Business and Economics, and serve on the Lerner Student Advisory Board. As a strong advocate for strengthening the communication between students and faculty, I passed a resolution to merge these two roles last year. This allows the two organizations to communicate and pool resources together in order to provide greater programs, which contribute to the cohesive environment within the business college.

I currently serve on the Executive Board for the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, and work in the Office of Admissions as a Blue Hen Ambassador. I also enjoy giving back to the community through Lazarus Rising, which provides professional services to the homeless population of Newark. Drawing from my passion for service, I have always maintained a strong commitment to serving the under represented populations who are unable to have a voice of their own. These roles have increased my knowledge of the campus climate and provided me opportunities to make an impact. I believe in a transparent Student Government, which is committed to connecting student’s concerns to the administration, as well as improving the unity between students and faculty. I am primarily determined to focus on Enhancing Greek Life, Improving Academic Advisement, and Expanding Diversity for all students.

There are currently forty-eight Greek organizations that make up about thirty percent of the student body, but in many cases these organizations are not able to actively communicate. The removal of Greek Council has contributed to these problems and I would like to evaluate possible alternatives for the future. Also, the lack of lettered Greek houses on campus is not conducive to the safety and security of the student population and the Newark code against them is counterproductive to its original goal. There should be more defined space for these organizations the meet, socialize, and plan events on campus. Finally, the University should continue to support and encourage the collaboration between Greek Life, RSO’s, Student Athletes, and all other non-affiliated students.

In the past, many academic advisors have served a dual role and had to split their time between teaching classes, conducting research, and advising undergraduate students. There must be more emphasis on the importance of a standardized process for advisement so that all students are equally prepared for the upcoming semester. Also, there should be increased attention to students with double majors, those studying abroad, and ones with majors or minors in multiple colleges. In many cases, students will have two to four advisors while at UD, which can contribute to confusion and a lack of genuine interaction between students and their advisors.

The University has always been behind when it comes to diversity, but following the inauguration of President Assanis, enrollment for underrepresented populations has continuously increased. The administration’s actions to hold open forums and address the student’s concerns have been admirable, but the creation of a Multicultural Center is far from finished. Inclusion is another important component because it means fostering an environment where students are able to comfortably learn, engage, and grow during their time on campus. We must continue to promote positive values that have always made UD stand out from the crowd, as well as provide a place where anyone can Dare to be First.

I will be your voice, seek to improve your recognition on campus, and ensure that your concerns are addressed. My experience has allowed me to create attainable goals and initiatives to focus on as your next President, and will provide a detailed roadmap to success. I hope that I have earned the privilege of representing you as Student Body President and that you decide to Trust the Process. Vote for Makos. Together, we have the opportunity to enhance the student experience for everyone, and I thank you for your support!

Nicholas Makos is a candidate for Student Body President who can be reached at nmakos@udel.edu.

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