Opinion: Nicholas Schrieber makes his case for Student Affairs Senator

Nicholas SchrieberCourtesy of Nicholas Schrieber
Nicholas Schrieber makes his case for Student Affairs Senator.

Coming up this Wednesday through Friday, every undergraduate student at the university will have the ability to make an important choice. It doesn’t require pulling hairs, studying excessively or even going anywhere for that matter. All it takes is a few clicks.

As a sophomore, I encounter situations everyday that I wish I could change. Some of them are minor. I grab lunch at Trabant and can’t find a seat. I find Box Tops for Education on my food and have no place to turn them in. I want to go to the dining hall but find that the hours don’t fit my schedule.

Then there are the issues that are a bit more frustrating: my academic advisor can’t answer my logistical questions, traffic intersections are a mess. And then there are the issues that plague our society: the high rates of sexual assault; the stigmas around mental health; discrimination and a lack of diversity.

What can we do? Do we give up? Do we sit back and dream of a more just society?

My answer is NO. I refuse to claim that I can fix every issue before the student body. But, I also refuse the idea that we have no influence over our circumstances.

That is why I am running for one of the Student Affairs Senator positions in the Student Government Association. Some of you may know about SGA, and some of you may not. But what you must know is that you can make a difference on campus. It starts with your vote. Please vote this Wednesday through Friday, September 19 to 21, via email ballot.

Nicholas Schrieber is a sophomore and is a candidate for Student Affairs Senator. For more information regarding his platform, visit his twitter @theKingScribe. He can also be reached at nicksc@udel.edu

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