Opinion: What about space travel?

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Andrea Duckenfield wonders why people do not pay enough attention to space travel. She argues that we should increasingly look toward the stars.


Space travel is hard. It’s something that became an incredible milestone in the 1950’s with the launch of Bumper Two, the NASA first launch out of Cape Canaveral in Florida. Throughout the next 50 years, NASA has made superior progress within the realm of space science; but are we done?

Many people began to think when news spilled out to the public that NASA was somehow done: no more missions, no more telescopes and no more people on the moon. Somehow, people thought the space agency terminated, but it is important for people to know that NASA has never stopped and they never will. They won’t stop until all questions, even questions that nobody has asked yet, are answered.

NASA, and many other honorable mentions like SpaceX, continues to make incredible progress in answering the questions everyone has thought about. For example, is the universe expanding? Are we alone? And the question that was recently answered: What does a black hole do, and what does it look like?

It is important that the public starts paying an eye to what’s happening outside of our Earth’s prison bars. Outside them, there is much more out there than stars and planets.

I believe the world should also pay more attention to NASA, as it is doing some record-breaking and phenomenal things. The missions and potential goals they have for the bright and exciting future of space travel is something you don’t want to miss.

Andrea Duckenfield is a first-year student at the university studying physics and astronomy, and can be reached at andread@udel.edu.

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