Opinion: Who can we trust, Canada Goose or animal activists?

“With this story, we must read in between the lines to get the truth,” Brianna Paul explains who we should trust.

Isn’t it our choice to decide if we should purchase a product? Isn’t it our choice to decide what we wear on our bodies? The recent controversy on the use of animals for the Canada Goose company has been strengthening, however the real controversy is the truth being hidden from us.

It’s common to see animal rights activists going after companies who put animals in harm to make profit. However, Canada Goose is getting the most attention out of any other brand because of their use in fur. The negative attention Canada Goose has received started with it’s high prices, which caught the eye of animal activists. Both animal activists and Canada Goose stand by their arguments, although there are some details they just seem to leave out.

The largest animal rights organization, PETA, has over 6.5 million members and supporters. Their recent attempt in exposing the Canada Goose company has gained attention from people all over the world. PETA has recently launched a “Canada Douche” campaign in efforts “to let people know that friends don’t let friends dress like douches.”

Yes, this makes a statement. But this isn’t the right way to get their point across. A large organization like PETA putting out campaigns to make fun of a company is childish. We should be seeing campaigns to prevent animal cruelty in a mature way to make change.

A recent statement has been released saying, “A Canada Goose down supplier revealed that it’s all just PR doublespeak.” But where’s the evidence? Are they just saying this so we can stand with them? In today’s world, major companies such as fast-food chains, including McDonald’s, and makeup companies, such as Revlon, include the use of animals. There’s no telling how they’re treated.

PETA has only released one video of a coyote being shot, with no evidence that this specific coyote was being used for a Canada Goose product. Also, keep in mind, this video shows no sign of the coyote suffering in any way. On the contrary, the video shows a direct shot in the head, which is the most humane way to euthanize animals. This is mandated by the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards. But of course, we haven’t seen PETA release a statement that includes any of this information.

The key thing to notice is that PETA and other animal-activist organizations’ claims cannot be trusted, due to the fact that they refuse to look for a more human way to capture and kill animals. They oppose any use of animals, even for food and vital medical research. What they’re leaving out is that these organizations would have us not consume any meat products at all, and only allow us to wear synthetic materials, most of which comes from non-renewable resources, which is just anti-ecological. Once again, we don’t see them telling us this side of their movement to “better” the world.

What PETA puts on the internet is what they want us to think. According to Canada Goose, these statements are completely false. Videos on the use of animals will always be negative to get the attention of the people to make change. However, there are hundreds of factories and farms around the world that harvest these animals. What we see in one video, doesn’t mean that is what we’ll see in every factory and farm. We’ll never know.

In the media, we always hear the bad and not the good. Did you know that Canada Goose joined forces with Polar Bears International in 2007, and launched the PBI Collection (PBI) ? All profits went to PBI to support the conservation of polar bear habitats. But why would PBI work with a company who supposedly harms animals?

Well, stated by PBI, “PBI is a conservation organization, not an animal rights organization. That means our focus is on conserving populations of polar bears, rather than on individual animals. We want to ensure that polar bears live on into the future, despite the threat of climate change.” Canada Goose knew what they were signing up for.

Other major brands such as Burberry, Versace, Gucci and many more have stopped using real fur because of this exact problem. Could this be a way for Canada Goose to cover up the truth behind what they’re doing? In 2009, they created two inaugural Canada Goose Resource Centres to provide free materials for sewers who handmade jackets and clothing for their families and community. Was this also a way to support their company because of the controversy they were expecting?

This tradition of using wolf fur and geese feathers is to provide the best source of protection against the cold, and to ensure the customer is getting what they paid for. With a large company that has a lot of eyes on them, it’s hard to believe that they would put out a statement that may not be entirely true because of the risk of a lawsuit. But this is exactly what they want us to think. They don’t want their customers to question their brand. No company wants that because of the influence it will have on buying their product.

Canada Goose claims, they believe all animals are entitled to humane treatment in life and death. Stated by the company, they “are deeply committed to the ethical sourcing and responsible use of all animal materials in our products.” According to them, Canada Goose does not condone any willful mistreatment, or acts to cause animal to undergo any suffering. Can we believe all of this? It’s obvious companies will never admit, especially in this case, the truth about how these animals are treated. Any companies main goal is to make money. In order to make money, they’ll do whatever it takes.

Whether you stand with Canada Goose or stand with animals activist organizations, we have to understand that we’re basing our opinions and views on what they’re telling us and what they want us to think. With this story, we must read in between the lines to get the truth.

Brianna Paul is a student at the university. Brianna can be reached at bripaul@udel.edu.

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    Jennofur OConnor 1 year

    Canada Goose is responsible for the suffering and terrifying deaths of countless animals. What else can you possibly need to know to condemn them?

  • comment-avatar
    Paula Renee 1 year

    This doesn’t really seem like such a dilemma. If you can choose to be kind, by shunning jackets with fur and down and buying vegan options instead, why wouldn’t you?

  • comment-avatar
    Kim Marie 1 year

    I’ll never buy a Canada Goose product. The blood-thirsty company inflicts so much pain and death upon animals – it is immoral, unnecessary, and despicable.

  • comment-avatar
    Lucy Post 1 year

    Yes, we have a choice–but animals who are trapped and cruelly killed for their fur or other body parts don’t. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to leave anything that’s made of real fur, leather, feathers, or anything else that was stolen from an animal on the shelf.

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