Perkins Student Center closes early Monday evening

Kevin Travers /THE REVIEW
The Perkins student center was closed on Nov. 26 due to a plumbing malfunction.

BY Senior Reporter

By 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26th Perkins Student Center was closed and evacuated until further notice due to a plumbing malfunction. All events within the building scheduled for the night are canceled.

University Facilities technicians stated the problem was not due to the excessive rain that welcomed students back to campus after Thanksgiving break but was likely a rag or material that was caught in the pipes.

All doors into the building are locked from the inside, marked with signs stating the building was closing early and would reopen the following day at 7 a.m.

University officials from the Plumbing and Electrical Offices of Facilities office were on the scene assessing the sewage pumps via a manhole. Their vans and pumping vehicles were blocking off sections of the pathway between Perkins and Lane hall. Students should steer clear of the area while maintenance is underway.

By 5:20 p.m., a facilities worker got into a protective suit and harness to be lowered into the septic system, to access what the problem could be.

Perkins1 Kevin Travers /THE REVIEW
A facilities worker got into a protective suit and harness to be lowered into the septic system.

Facilities workers said they did not know when the building would reopen, as the source of the plumbing malfunction was currently under investigation. The pumps underneath the building that run the pipe system will have to be pulled out and examined.

According to University Student Centers (USC), at least seven student scheduled events after 5 p.m. were canceled, many of which were weekly resident student organization (RSO) meetings and Greek life chapter meetings.

Unfortunately, that means no Monday Zumba Club class. Some clubs’ meetings are being moved to Trabant Student Center and other open spaces across the university campus.

At this time the USC has not posted when the student center will reopen.

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