Peter Kraus (literally) took my breath away

“How ya doin’ back there. I see you. If you need a break, it’s okay,” Peter Kraus, runner-up to Rachel’s season of “The Bachelorette,” said.

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Jennifer West/THE REVIEW
Kraus and TTi Fitness turned Bacchus Theater into a dark, humid sports club.

Senior Reporter

When I found out Peter Kraus, runner-up to Rachel’s season of “The Bachelorette,” would host an intense 50-minute workout in Bacchus Theater, I signed up before I remembered I have asthma.

The event promoted TTi Fitness and encouraged university students to visit their table at the Fall Career & Internship Fair hosted by the Career Services Center.

After waiting for about 20 minutes in line listening to the reverb of upbeat music from inside, representatives from TTi Fitness let me and five others into the event. I stumbled over to survey stations that promoted Kraus and TTi Fitness before noticing the dark, humid club that was once Bacchus Theater.

I found my way into a dark corner to shield myself from the view and potential judgment of Peter Kraus himself. I was anxious to get through whatever rigorous workout the certified personal trainer and “Bachelorette” fan favorite had in store. However as soon as I spread my mat on a giant puddle of water that I can only assume was from a leak, I knew that this would be a tortuous 50 minutes.

Kraus began by blasting Cardi B and warning that this is “not yoga,” before beginning our stretches with downward dog and child’s pose.

“Don’t always do what I do, do what I say,” Kraus said, granting me advice that I will surely use before doing something stupid in the future.

The workout took place in 10-minute intervals, with a few seconds in between to rest and drink water. Kraus mainly focused on squats and lunges, using planks to “rest” in between.

Well-knowing that his audience may not have been there for just a workout, Kraus cracked a few jokes about college girls and butts, spurring yelling and laughter from his fully engaged audience.

A few students joined Kraus on stage to demonstrate the workout, displaying their intimidating burpee form.

But by the time Kraus started the third interval, I decided that laying down was much more enticing than mountain climbers.

“How ya doin’ back there. I see you. If you need a break, it’s okay,” Kraus said, encouraging as ever despite my complete lack of physical ability.

During the fifth and final interval, I decided that push-ups were much better without the pushing up part. Kraus noticed my resistance and gave me a warm high-five, marking the second time he rewarded me for failure.

Finally, the workout ended and TTi representatives herded the sweaty, exhausted crowd upstairs for free Viva Bowls that were all snatched by the time I was able to drag myself up a flight of stairs.

But I did not leave empty handed — I was able to snag a seven-dollar-off coupon for Viva Bowls and a quick photo with the instructor himself, Peter Kraus.

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Jennifer West/THE REVIEW
From left to right: Jennifer West, Peter Kraus, and a friend.


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