Player Profile: Sara D’Appolonia: A force on the field and in the classroom

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Sarah D’Appolonia scored a goal in Delaware’s final game against JMU to put her total at eight for the season..

From a very young age, women’s soccer sophomore forward Sara D’Appolonia has always had success on the pitch.

“I started when I was 5-years-old,” D’Appolonia said. “I started when I was really young and have developed a love for the game ever since then.”

Along with her success on the field, D’Appolonia has also always been interested in the human body. She is currently majoring in biology at the university and has family members who currently work in the health sciences.

“I’m super interested in the body,” D’Appolonia, whose mom is a personal trainer, said. “Being an athlete and having injuries, I think it just comes natural to me.”

When prospective college athletes are looking at colleges, there are many factors to consider. Not only do the athletic programs need to be considered, the quality of the academics weighs heavily to many athletes during their decision-making process. With D’Appolonia, it was no different.

_E1R0177 Sarah Boekholder/THE REVIEW
D’Appolonia scored the game winning goal in overtime against UNCW to give the Blue Hens the second seed in the CAA, their highest finish ever..

“All the pieces fell into place when I came to visit, and originally the University of Delaware wasn’t even on my list,” D’Appolonia said. “When I came to visit I really just fell in love with the school and all the resources that come with being a student.”

As a starter on the team, D’Appolonia is expected to play at a high level on the soccer field and do well in the classroom. Because her major consists primarily math and science classes with associated labs, D’Appolonia has found that any free time she gets can be an opportunity to get some studying and homework done to maintain her grades.

_B3Q8759 Sarah Boekholder/THE REVIEW
D’Appolonia battles for possession against a Drexel defender.

“We have a lot of time on the buses, on the weekends,” D’Appolonia said. “We have practice in the morning, and then you have the whole day Saturday. Also our coaches are super encouraging that we take academics seriously.”

After college, D’Appolonia envisions herself in many different situations on the regular. Sometimes she sees herself playing soccer, other times she envisions herself going more in depth into her studies.

“I could see myself working somewhat like my mom in the personal training side of things or maybe even going to medical school.” D’Appolonia said. “I keep changing my mind, but definitely that deals with sports.”

This season, D’Appolonia earned All-CAA First Team and helped propel her team to the second seed in the CAA, before their season ended on a heartbreaking loss to James Madison in the semifinals. She led the Blue Hens in points and goals. D’Appolonia has also scored three game winning goals that helped propel the Blue Hens to a CAA playoff berth. Along with this, D’Appolonia looks to continue her studies in biology and gave advice to students looking for a place to study during finals.

“I’m a homebody, so I spend a lot of time at my desk and in my room,” D’Appolonia said. “I find that there are little hiding spots in the ISE Lab that you can isolate yourself in and focus.”

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