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Poem: Breathless Cycle

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Melanie Gasmen/THE REVIEW

Staff Reporter

Breathless Cycle

The billions of thoughts that lie on me 
rise up. Vulnerable on my skin. 
Condensed into a ball — tightness. 
Then release. 
Some days it runs off my surface, 
flowing into a body of water that builds
until it’s used in later days. 
Some days it infiltrates into my chest — 
an attack to my non-porous heart that 
elevates my heart rate and makes it hard to breathe. 

Then once the storm passes, the cycle continues. 
The feelings roll back into each other 
like a snowball, building and building
until they rush down in snowflakes — 
but with less beauty. Perhaps a hail storm. 
With pellets that strike my backside. 
It’s a cycle — when the atmosphere is 
abundant in heavy emotions,
it rains. Then it builds. And then it rains. 

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