Pooping in peace: Best bathrooms on campus

Some bathrooms all over campus are questionable, but there’s also some that are outright spectacular.

Senior Reporter

Every student has run into this dilemma before — you only have 10 minutes until class, and you need to use the bathroom. The closest option is Gore Hall, and you know how terrible that is, so where do you go?

Fortunately, Mosaic has done the work to inspect as many campus bathrooms as possible in order to collect a list of the best ones. No longer will bathroom quality be a complete surprise for students in a rush.

We focused on privacy, cleanliness, comfort, atmosphere and functionality in order to best calculate the factors that make for the ideal bathroom experience. Of course there will be some level of subjectivity to these results, and of course, for the most part, your reporter is only able to accurately speak on the men’s bathrooms.

Without further ado, the top campus bathrooms, in no particular order, are as follows:

Perkins Student Center; basement, all-gender bathrooms: If the solo experience sounds appealing, there are plenty of options around campus for students to set up in a single-toilet bathroom. And none of these are better than in Perkins, where there is often no wait to use the room and the quiet, clean atmosphere is immediately relaxing. Just be sure to knock first!

Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) building: It’s a safe bet, in most areas, to say that everything about ISE is nice and that doesn’t end at the bathrooms. The tiled black-and-grey walls and bright lighting creates a welcoming environment to everyone, and large stalls allow you to make yourself at home. Close to the center of campus, if a student is ever in a rush to find relief, ISE is always a good option.

Morris Library; basement: While some of the bathrooms in Morris can be hard to find at first, once you locate them you will never want to leave. Outstanding cleanliness and options for both single-stall rooms and regular school bathrooms give selection to the student, with no real wrong choice. These bathrooms are so good that no one would judge if you start swiping into Morris for the sole purpose of using them.

Mitchell Hall second floor: This one is more of an aesthetic preference, but it also exceeds in most areas of restroom importance as well. Space between stalls and clean surroundings let this rarely used room become an instant favorite.

The circular window facing out to the green is a nice bonus, as well. Instead of a regular mirror, as students wash their hands they are able to look out to students walking to class and the great outdoors, without giving up any of their own privacy.

McDowell Hall; Basement: Oft-overlooked and easy to forget about, the McDowell basement bathrooms serve as a great escape, even a vacation, from the regular, more central campus options. Empty most of the time, students who wish to have their time alone won’t be quick to find a better option.

The color scheme is also something worth mentioning. Unlike the monochromatic blacks and grays seen thus far, the orange of these stalls create an autumnal feel, something we all could stand to have more of as fall goes into full-swing.

If your rest stop of choice didn’t make the final cut, do not be offended. Lavatory choice really does come down to preference at the end of the day, and accounting for specific taste would just be impossible.

For those that are looking for a new loo, a private and odorless experience, or just a change of scenery, this list will put you on the right path.

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    Victor 2 years

    Personally I’d be wary of the ISE lab stalls because there’s giant gaps where the door meets the wall! People can easily see you doing your business which isn’t something I appreciate. The private one person bathrooms are amazing though. 

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