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Promoters of Wellness: learning how to put yourself first

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Courtesy of Dominique D’Angelo.
Ball pit event on Harrington Turf used to inspire health and wellness.


With the onset of a new semester, it’s easy for students to become overwhelmed by assignments, class projects and essay due dates. Homework begins to pile up, making balancing a social life seem impossible. These stressful circumstances can cause students to forget to put their mental health first. During Tuesday’s Wellness Ball Pit Event on the Harrington Turf, members of Promoters of Wellness, or POW, spoke about how their organization seeks to educate students on ways to ease these pressures.

POW is a group of students that volunteer through Student Wellness and Health Promotion. On
Tuesday, Sept. 5, the group hosted their Wellness Ball Pit event for all students looking to relieve some stress. While they distributed condoms, frisbees and other giveaways, group members also offered fellow students a chance to jump into the ball pit.

POW focuses not only on educating the campus on forms of stress relief, but also on how to make safe and healthy choices. They offer advice on safe sex and safe drinking, as well as tips on how to promote positive body image and mental health.

“We acknowledge that there are some high-risk behaviors that happen on this campus,” senior honors program assistant for POW, Rebecca Glinn, says. “We offer a reminder to be mindful of your behaviors and of your wellness, and just think about what you’re doing.”

POW offers a number of opportunities for individuals to get involved. Students like senior Liz Watkins have found that the group does far more for its members than simply just teaching them about wellness.

“I’ve learned a lot of professional skills from it. I’ve become really comfortable with public speaking,” Watkins says, another member of the organization says, in reference to speaking in front of a large lecture hall to educate freshmen about POW’s resources on campus. “If you have something passionate that you would like to address on campus, this is a great place to go.”

The organization provides information about resources on campus, such as the counseling center, the dean’s office, student health and more. Watkins explains that, at the university, there are also different counselors for drug and alcohol abuse, victims of sexual assault, dating violence amongst many other problems that one might need help with.

Glinn’s best advice is to “not be afraid to reach out, because while not every unit on campus can meet every need, they’re really well connected with each other and can point you in the right direction.”

The student group also promotes fun and easy tips on to how make healthier choices. In the past, POW has had kiosks in Trabant and Perkins, provided tips on safer “daging” and passed out condoms and candy for Halloween.

At a time when it can feel very busy and lonely for college students, POW offers a safe place to learn, educate and understand that students are not alone.

“Mostly we just offer a space in that moment to talk about stress, to talk about mental health,” Glinn says. “College is different than other environments they’ve been in before.”

Students that are interested in applying to POW are encouraged to apply by visiting this website: https://sites.udel.edu/promoters-wellness/ , and clicking “apply now.”

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