Protection for Planned Parenthood: Generation Action holds second annual Condom Carnival

Grace McKenna /THE REVIEW
“Hit the clit” and “dog toy or sex toy?” were the phrases of the night at Planned Parenthood Generation Action’s Condom Carnival.

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Students line up in Perkins West Lounge, throwing darts at a board covered in inflated, expired condoms. Others play cornhole, a game where you throw hacky sacks into groups of holes on a wooden board, but in this case it is called “Hit the Clit” — a vagina drawn on cardboard and a hole cut out for the clitoris and four condoms filled with rice.

Students performed on stage, bands like Sadhound, Driver’s Ed, Merger as well as individual performances from Kira Alejandro, Eric Hastings and Haley Graham.

Planned Parenthood Generation Action, a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with the university, held their second annual Condom Carnival and Benefit Concert last Friday night to celebrate the Newark Planned Parenthood and raise money for the organization.

Jennifer Proebstle, a senior political science and women and gender studies major and president of the RSO, says that the event was intended to help promote an atmosphere of safe sex and healthy sexuality at the university. All donations gathered from the event went to supporting Planned Parenthood of Delaware.

“We want to raise a lot of money and raise a lot of awareness about Planned Parenthood,” Proebstle says. “Break the stigma of what people think about it, because it has so many more healthcare aspects than the go-to ones that people think of.”

As the night went on, more and more people showed up, including boys, not all of whom were dragged by their girlfriends. Other organizations were also part of the event, such as the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Haven, V-Day, and Students Acting for Gender Equality (SAGE).

Gillian Williams, a student involved with AAUW and a sophomore public policy major, was excited about the table she was hosting, which featured the spin-the-wheel-game. Students walked up to her and spun a wheel that featured categories like Safer Sex, Healthy Relationships and one category that was a picture of a rubber duck in bondage.

Each of these categories brought out a series of different questions, like the nail polish category, where the student was prompted to answer whether the title read to them was for a pornography or a nail polish color, like “Operation Desert Stormi” or “Brunette on the Internet.” For the rubber duck category, the students answer questions like “dog toy or sex toy?”

“I really like when people try to guess between what is a dog toy and what is a sex toy, because there’s a secret — all of them are dog toys,” Williams says.

Along with games, there was also a table in the entryway that was covered in T-shirts, hats, pins and other merchandise from Planned Parenthood. Some of the pins read “Feminist is not a dirty word” and hats were adorned with a play on President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan, these ones saying “Planned Parenthood makes America Great.”

Manning this table was Generation Action’s vice-president and junior, Hannah Lafargue, sported a Planned Parenthood shirt, which she says was drawn by Casey Mae Fallon, a student at the university. The shirt was an elaborate design of medical equipment, a cell phone, various forms of birth control and slogans for Planned Parenthood all in purple outline with a black background.

Lafargue carefully managed all of the money and organized the T-shirt display as she encouraged everybody entering to give a five dollar donation, which would lead to the final earnings for the night.

“This is just a celebration of reproductive rights and a fundraiser, last year we raised $800 so we’re hoping to do better than that this time,” Lafargue says. “Also, we just want people to have a really wonderful time and to have a good turn-out.”

With a lot of support from the community so far, Lafargue and Proebstle were not too worried about backlash from any of the people attending the event.

“We’ve been a pretty good campus to host events on so far, we kiosk in Trabant a bit and we’ve only ever gotten a small handful of negative comments,” Proebstle says. “We’ve had one person try to argue with us ever.”

As the night went on, more students showed up, testing their skills at the dart board, pinning the condom on the healthy relationship, or putting a condom on a wooden dildo without looking. With all of the laughter, students seemed happy to support the Planned Parenthood of Delaware and total funds raised for the organization reached $838.

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    How sad that degrading of women is sold as promoting “healthy relationships” and freedom.

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