Renovations to The Scrounge in Perkins spurs mixed reactions among students and staff

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The Scrounge in the Perkins Student Center underwent renovations beginning in June that got rid of the booths, couches, carpet and a stage in the center of the room.

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The Scrounge in Perkins now has more available seating for students to eat and study. The center underwent renovations beginning in June that got rid of the booths, couches, carpet and a stage in the center of the room. There has been a mixed reaction among students about the renovations.

In its place are more tables with chairs, desks with outlets and high-top tables with tall whiteboards for studying. The former stage is now a large archway with the school’s Blue Hen mascot painted on it. In comparison to the previous color palette of the dining area, the newly renovated Perkins has a cool tone — with dark blue, white, brown, black and yellow.

Hebrew Evans, a sophomore psychology major, said he thinks the changes were unnecessary. He notes that many buildings and residence halls on campus still do not have air conditioning and/or are not wheelchair accessible.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice to study here and it looks a lot nicer, but this isn’t what the university needed,” Evans said.

Gloria Brown is a university dining services employee. She says that the new table and chair seating makes her job easier now, as opposed to the old booths which were hard to move and clean underneath.

“It’s easier to clean in here now because all you have to do is pull these chairs back and vacuum or sweep underneath the table,” Brown said. “The tables are easier to clean too.”

Sherrill Woodruff is also a dining services employee and has noticed a negative reaction from some students and professors who come in to eat.

“They feel like they’re in jail,” Woodruff said. “It’s like their high school cafeteria. It reminds them of a hospital cafeteria. They don’t like some of these yellow chairs because they don’t have back on them.”

Perkins is a popular location for students around campus to come and study, as well as a site for club meetings and Perkins Live, an event hosted for students every Friday night by the University Student Centers and the Division of Student Life.

Chloe DeHart, a senior neuroscience and psychology double major, said the extra outlets at some of the desks are nice, but overall the area looks unfinished. The reason that DeHart still comes to Perkins to study is because of the convenience of location for her.

“Perkins used to be really comfortable and like a nice relaxing place to go after classes,” DeHart said. “And now it’s not.”

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