Restaurant review: Beans Coffee House

The new coffee house on East Main Street has comfort and dining options to spare.

Beans Coffee House
Shana Slater/THE REVIEW
Looking for a new source of coffee and assorted breakfast foods? We’ve got you covered.

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Just off bustling Main Street and across from the Newark Shopping Center lies a large, white house nestled in the cityscape of Newark. Beans Coffee House, a recently opened coffee shop/ café, serves an array of beverage and bakery items as well as its community.

Replacing a previous breakfast business, The Perfect Blend, the establishment opened its doors to the public in mid-September on East Main Street.

More than just a house, Beans Coffee House is home to an assortment of iced and hot coffees, teas and hot cocoa. According to their website, every coffee is sustainably-sourced and tripled-certified as organic. They carry both sweet and savory quick breakfasts to start the day— from made-to-order bagels and avocado toasts to freshly-baked biscotti cookies and fruit and granola. A speciality, “Delaware Muffin Tops,” or a slice off the top of a muffin, are also available in a variety of kinds like chocolate chip, banana nut and spiced apple.

These pick-me-ups are served both in and out of the building, as there is both a walk-up window and an order counter inside, each accompanied by seating. I found the outdoor spot to be quite convenient and open, especially during our “new normal.” The indoors were equally inviting, providing comfortable seating and two quaint fireplaces.

I ordered a humble iced coffee with vanilla syrup, one toasted plain bagel with apple butter and another with plain cream cheese. Nothing too fancy, but they hit the spot for my Saturday morning brunch. My coffee was refreshingly cold and creamy, and my bagels, which were lightly toasted, tasted like bits of buttery goodness. I was pleasantly surprised by the quick, friendly service and the amount of spreads available (I didn’t try the pumpkin cream cheese, but I’m still thinking about it). I was also pretty shocked at how affordable everything was, with my order of one coffee and two bagels only coming out to $7.

Unlike its local competitors, Beans Coffee House has a mission to help people outside of providing customers with a caffeine fix. A portion of their proceeds are donated to the Beans House Foundation, an organization that offers jobs at Beans Coffee House to young people with special needs, such as those who struggle with mental health, are suicide survivors or who are on the autism spectrum. This effort is to help them learn skills and build their confidence in the workplace and is set to begin in June 2021.

Beans Coffee House may be a ways away from the heart of Newark, but its food and prices make it worth the walk and your wallet. Its value in providing holistic ingredients and its mission to support our community hits close to home, and just for the price of a cup of coffee, everyone can make an impact.


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    Best new addition to Main Street ever!!!
    The coffee is sooo trully yummy. And the food and treats are out of this world. The atmosphere is wonderful and friendly and welcoming. It makes you feel like you’re home. Good luck and God bless in your new endeavor. You’ll see me often.

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