Return to Quantico: first season of ABC drama continues

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ABC’s drama Quantico has returned to TV, with plenty of suspense to keep viewers watching.


Welcome back, Quantico! Season one continued this past Sunday night on ABC, catching viewers up with the FBI’s emergency command center, which was attacked by terrorists as its team was trying to find the perpetrators of a prior Grand Central Station bombing.

Let’s refresh our memory. Before the season’s break, Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett) took his own life right before the emergency command center was bombed. The attack killed 32 agents, one being Clayton Haas (Mark Pellegrino), father of Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers) and lover of Caleb’s ex-girlfriend Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy).

The episode ended with an ominous statement: “One agent will die.”

Now let’s unpack the drama. Throughout the episode, court hearings took place over whether or not Elias had been acting alone or working with others. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), after being pinned as a terrorist mastermind in the earlier half of the season, took the stand and said that Elias acted alone, even though she believed him to be part of a team.

The series takes place in the present and future, flashing back to when the FBI agents were just trainees. Each episode, they go through tasks and exercises to become better agents. In this episode, they trained in an FBI color war against trainees that were a month more experienced than them—the losing team having to send five players home.

Spoiler: the teams tied in different wins, taking them into a game of overtime: hostages versus agents. With the more advanced agents playing the trainees we have grown to love, the two teams became one—moving into each other’s rooms.

Viewers can only anticipate the excitement from possible romance and drama with this added batch of new characters.

There seems to be something up with Miranda Shaw’s (Aunjanue Ellis) son Charlie Price (J. Mallory McCree). Last we knew, he is being kidnapped by four unknown men his age, ending in his beaten, barely-stable self somehow situated on his front door step. His stubborn exterior seems to mask his manipulative, shady interior, almost as if he is plotting something. His mother, being the assistant director of the FBI, appears to be successful in every aspect of her life, except for understanding her son.

Now—the romance. Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) and Parrish’s lost love serves itself in painful reminders, as his necklace appears in flashbacks and his actual self shows up to her door in present day—not in a romantic way but with a way of purpose, fathering her and encouraging her to do and say what is right.

We’re left wondering what the rest of season one will hold as Parrish receives phone calls from the same anonymous callers that took the lives of Elias and others long before their actual deaths.

The episode ends with Parrish taking an anonymous call under a deserted bridge. Colleague Natalie Vasquez (Annabelle Acosta) reveals herself, not as the caller, but decorated in explosives. She and Parrish exchange looks of absolute fright before the credits roll.

Looks like it’s going to be a season full of suspicion, threat and desperation to solve who is behind this—who is the terrorist?

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